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Thursday, July 7, 2016

"Family Day", June 2016

    Last week was such a busy week!  Perhaps I'll post more about all of it later (o:-b ). For now, I want to share a brief glimpse at our "Family Day".  I had gone through our 'little families' calendar via the Cozi app. and picked a day that everybody was at least available. If they chose to participate or not, was then up to them. I'm seriously thankful they all did!
Scheduled to have all of our GRAND children here for the entire day. Kayla and Brandon were going to be here too.
     Here is a picture I took that day of all 7 of our GRAND children, lined up in order of age.

             (Reminder, if you click on the picture you can see it in larger form)

 Currently, Marcus is 8 1/2, Mikaedam 8, Analyse 7, Marlie and Kadriel are both 6 1/2, Elliot is 4 9/10, Rylee is 3. While the names of our GRAND dogs are listed, we chose not to put them up there* for the picture. The reasoning was that it would probably scare and scar one and over encourage the other. (;-b).
    But here is a picture I took of the two dogs the next morning. Daisy is the white one, Aria the black one.

    Up there* = part of the 30 foot long play center our adult kids built out of mainly scrap materials (less than $100.00 was spent on the build) and gave to our GRAND children for Christmas one year. That thing was climbed on, ran on, swings swung till occupants hit the tree branches, etc., to the max that Grandma would allow that day. (to the disappointment of many, I would not let them go out on the section of board that goes over the swings... experience not fear was my reasoning). Our kids did an awesome job in designing and building it and the GRAND kids are ever so grateful they did!!!

      The GRAND kids are now questioning when the next "cousins" day is.... this GRAND ma is scheming on that....

 Blog about our GRAND children

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