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Sunday, February 21, 2016

Entertainment via Netflix :->

   Due to my now long (6 years) reining title of 'Ms. Vertigo' , I have watched a LOT of TV. It started off as just TV. Then a son got us Netflix. I not only learned how to work that remote while also having to work the TV remote (ours is hooked up via a Play-station system), but I also learned to navigate and find shows I liked. I've found  A LOT of them. o;-] Such as:

Netflix Shows (Series) I've Enjoyed:
Drop Dead Diva (the first few seasons)
The Glades (first few seasons)
Monarch of the Glen (several seasons)
McLeod's Daughters ( a slew of seasons!!)
Firefly (watch the show FIRST, then watch the movie Serenity)

Movies I've enjoyed that are on Netflix:
Quartet (watch the credits too!!!)

Shows (Series) I've enjoyed on HULU:

And recently, thanks to friends posting about it on Facebook, I've found another good way to search Netflix.

Lots of friends have asked me for recommendations, and I of course can always only think of one or two at the time ( 8-/)... now I can refer them to this list ;-]

I'm curious, what shows have you found and enjoyed?!!

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