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Friday, February 5, 2016

An Elliot memory from Christmas break :-]

"What's on my mind?" An Elliot memory from Christmas break :-] 
   I had been up for awhile, was in the midst of making choc. chip cookies, when a young voice literally startled me from behind by saying "Morning Grammy". Without glancing back, I said, "Morning sweetheart". A very offended grumpy voice replied, "I'm not Analyse, I'm Elliot!". Bother! Trying to lighten things, I said, "We're you being funny and trying to surprise me by using your Analyse voice? giggle..."  "NO!"  S-i-g-h. And he's usually the happy one in the morning. I asked if he wanted to help me make cookies. "NO!".  Decided to keep my mouth shut and see what happens. He disappeared for a couple of minutes, then was back, playing just inside the dining room doorway with something.
   I had just decided that I'd made enough for whatever it was going on that particular day and was going to stick the rest of the batter in the fridge and start chopping onions, when Elliot wandered in and wanted to help with the cookies. I decided to see if we could do both. Usually, I have them grab a wad of dough and roll it into balls, but there's always the "is this the right size?" dilemma going on. I put parchment paper on a fresh pan and flopped a dozen blobs at one end, that way all he had to do was roll them into shape. I then started cutting onions on the other counter. This process worked good for the first two and a half pans, then he got a bit bored/ yet creative. He'd roll them into a ball, then flatten his hands and roll them out into more of a hot dog shape. After squishing it, he'd roll it back into a ball and with great flourish present it on the palm of his hand with a "ta-DA!". He is such a fun character!!!

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