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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

cleaning the walls of our front porch

     While I had done the floor and steps of our front porch by myself, I had help scrubbing down the walls of it. My helpers were my two GRAND children :->
                                                      (DEEP dish pizza file - #167) 

   First, I showed them how to do it
                                                                  (# 181)

   They were suppose to do the lower section, I would do above where they could reach.
                                                                  (# 170)

   Yes, both 4 year old Analyse and 2 year old Elliot actually helped scrub!

   dipping the scrub brushes into the bubbly water (I used blue Dawn dish soap) was a lot of fun too

   'Maybe I should clean this too' :-p

    Splashing in the over spill was fun, dipping our hands in the bubbles was fun...

   Later he lost interest in the scrubbing, spilled his bucket, and had a blast playing in the water. Loved hearing his laughs of delight.

     She did a GOOD job! She took her task of helping very serious and I ended up needing to go over very few spots of what she had done. Impressive! :->

     We had done a section, then I would use the hose to rinse it off. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. They of course, wanted to use the hose themselves. I had raised their daddy and his brothers and thus knew that this could get out of control in no time flat. So I had kept the spraying rights to myself. Oh the squeals of delight when unannounced, I had sprayed their feet. That evening, after both daddy and papa were home from work, we invited them out to see what we had accomplished, "But we need to go out one minute before you do". The sparkle in Brian's eyes told me he knew what I had planned and he was willing to play along.  When we yelled "okay", papa came out. We were standing on the far end of the porch. I started talking about what we had done and pointing. As he was looking at the walls, the kids started to run towards him while talking. I tried to subtly call them back. Thankfully, he is a very good sport and helped send them back to me. While he turned to again look at the wall, I placed the hose nozzle in Analyse's hand and whispered for her to spray papa's bare feet. With giggling delight she did so. Papa 'screamed' and jumped. Elliot needed no encouragement to take his turn. ;-p

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