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Saturday, July 13, 2013

"Pick an item, any item..."

    The available items are plentiful. The desire to pick all of them, is present. But the gumption to do so is lagging a bit today.
    What am I talking about? Picking an item off of our current "projects in works" list, to work further on today.  A sample of said list:
~ Back yard. Made major strides on that project last evening. To the point that it now REALLY looks like somebody needs to get out there and do something! And yes, I really did do a lot of the work myself. Took a few 'couple of minute sit breaks' when the inner shimming got going too strong. Next step is to borrow a pick up truck to haul all of the cut brush away. Then purchase some chlorine bleach to put on the fresh cuts of the base of the plants we want to finish dieing off. I might be able to conquer those things. The leveling of the one area, the hauling of the scrap metal out of another area, etc. will have to wait for the guys to get to after our upcoming vacation weekend.

~ Kitchen. Made wonderful progress on that one yesterday afternoon! Still have to reorganize the pantry. Catch up the family white board calender and mop the kitchen. Could conquer that today.

~ Cleaning out / sorting through the upstairs 'cram it all room'. I've conquered almost 1/4 of it this week. Have to have it done before the 22nd when the GRAND kids come back, seeings how that is now going to be their room. Byron ended up moving back in again and is now in what was their room. 

~ The laundry room. Enough said. LOADS to do down there. (pun intended ;-p)

~ Finish sorting through the rest of the attic box's stacked around the perimeter of the dining room. 

~ Paperwork. Sorting through the piles of it. Filing away what needs filed. Shredding what needs shredded. Recycling what I don't need to keep. Needs done! Causes tired vertigo eye syndrome. 

~ The front porch. What a project that has turned out to be. Next step is to scrape one end of the porch ceiling. Paint the porch. Put up the new porch light. Make new cushions for one of the porch settees. ...

~ The den. Oh Mercy! 

I won't go on. You get the idea. Everywhere I look, there is a project in process that needs further action taken on it. We didn't intentionally start this many projects at the same time. 'Life' happens. On a regular, unschedualble basis!

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