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Thursday, July 11, 2013

"Grandmie, Can I sit with you?"

   One day, as the GRAND children and I were again outside playing, I was taking a "hold still" break and sitting on a chair in the shade. After a bit, Analyse (pronounced Auna-lease) walked over and asked if she could sit with me. "You sure can!" I replied, as I reached over and opened up her little lawn chair. She tipped her head sideways and gave me a somewhat puzzled look, before sitting in her seat. 'Wonder what that was about', I thought.
   We talked. About the orange flowers that were just starting to bloom on their vines, over in the one corner of the yard. About the two white 'butterflies' that visit us in our yard frequently during the day. About how the big squirrel can only go around the yard on the top of the fence, but the little squirrels (which strongly resemble chipmunks in their faces) can go faster, due to being smaller and able to use the support boards around the top of the fence. About how silly and busy Mr. 'Energy Filled Imp' (aka: Elliot) is. About how good the breeze feels when the tree moves it's branches like that.
    About twenty minutes later, after one of those natural pauses in conversation (which comically, are neither natural nor common when conversing with Miss Analyse ;->) she looked me straight in the face and asked, "Grandmie, can't I sit in your lap?"
   "Of course you can!!!" I replied, while inwardly telling my eyes to stop tearing up, because she's sure to spot it and not understand. And my heart to slow down it's swelling and stay inside my chest. And my pride to take a humble pill, because I really didn't want to ruin the moment and fall! (referring to 'pride always cometh before a fall'). And praising and thanking the Lord for this blessing. And, NOW I understood why she had given me the quizzical look, when I had opened her little chair for her.
    I picked her up and sat her in my lap, she snuggled in as close as she could. Such blissfulness!

   A picture of Analyse from a different day this summer -
     June 2013, 023
                                   [dancing with 'June']

   It wasn't long before Mr. Elliot came bounding over wanting to sit in my lap too. He is at the stage where he want to do any and every thing big sister does.  But the gleam in his eyes and the way he too snuggled real close, told me that that was not the only reason he was sitting in my lap. :-D  I am so blessed! ! !

   A picture of Elliot also from a different day this summer -
      June 2013, 030
                   [just playing in and with their stroller]

  Two weeks till they come back.... anticipation....  :->

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