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Friday, July 5, 2013

Chuckles en-route

   Brian had forgotten to nab the 'quick sandwich' off the kitchen counter, to eat before heading to Papa 'Honey's' the other evening. So en-route, he asked me to open the package of cracker 'sandwiches' which had been riding around in the van, for him. "They're peanut butter". "I know, but I have to have something".
    So holding them to my side, so that they could not be viewed from either of the car seats behind us, I ever so silently opened the package and palmed him one. With undetectable stellar moves, he put it in his mouth and ate it. Then another.
    Then from behind me I hear, "Yumma" (Elliot's current name for me), "Food please". Brian and I exchange a quick questioning look as I ask, "What buddy?" "FOOD Please!!"
    Little guy had picked up the faint scent of the peanut butter and wanted some. Brian nodded and I passed one back to Elliot and then one to his sister, who of course wanted in on it.
    "Remind me not to buy that kind again" Brian commented, "they taste horrible to adults and give their existence away to young children".

     Byron was having stomach issues that evening and part way home he announced, that he got to be the first one to use the bathroom, once we arrived home. About fifteen minutes later, out of the blue, Analyse loudly asks, "Daddy, you still doing o-kay holding it?" There is no explaining to a just turned four year old, why that was funny.

    G-pa's pool is now open, the chemicals have been added and Sunday we head back to clean the surrounding patio and swim.

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