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Thursday, May 2, 2013

the "X" was turning

My vertigo symptoms were such yesterday, that not only did my head feel super fuzzy, but my eyes were also bugging me something fierce. Brian has this train thing sitting next to the computer. It's a railroad crossing sign on a little stand. After numerous times of my eyes trying to convince my brain, that the 'X' sticking off the stand was turning like the 'X' on a windmill does, I declared, "Enough!". While still looking at the computer, I reached over, lifted the thing and laid it on top of the little table next to the computer desk. Instantaneously (as in, before I could even sigh) a train whistle blew and then the sound of a train started. I did have time to roll my eyes and shake my head [after I jumped] before all was quiet again. I had totally forgotten about the little button on the base of the stand, that one can push to hear stated sounds. Thus I had not taken care when laying the stand down and had accidentally activated it. In retrospect, I understand why Brian laughed when I told him this tale last evening. I am doing better today, but think it best to leave lying signs alone. :->

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