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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

more Wreaths

My friend Joanna was trying to figure out what to give her boyfriends parents for Christmas. It was decided that I would make a wreath for her. The family has a 'cottage'. The dad loves to fish. So I tried to make a wreath fit in there. This is what it ended up looking like:

(Brian's pic.'s 3/28 - #532)
the blue across the back of the bottom is suppose to represent water and the shinier green plants under that, then be underwater plants.

Amy and I had spotted these green 'Easter Grass' squares on sale at Hobby Lobby one time back before Easter and I was intrigued. There had to be a way I could make a cute wreath out of them. There was :-D

(Brian's pic.'s 3/28 - #735)

then I decorated it and it turned out like this -

(5/7 'early May' - # 023)
For the record, it took four squares of 'Easter Grass' to fill the wreath.

I made this one just because I was curious how these flowers would look on a wreath -

(5/7 'early May' - # 060)

My friend Debbie G. had 'ordered' two wreaths for Mother's Day gifts. Her mom's favorite colors are orange and yellow, but Debbie wanted lots of color and types of flowers. This is what she got all excited about when I delivered them last evening -

(5/7 'early May' - #024)

Her Mother-in-law literally lives in the middle of the woods. We've been there. So I tried to go with a more 'wild flower' type theme, yet make it bright and colorful like Debbie requested. Debbie liked it too -

(5/7 'early May' - #064)

This concludes this episode of Wreath Show and Tell :-D

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