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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Spring Wreaths -

   As many of you know, I am sort of starting my own little craft business. So far, I am working on wreaths. I do have numerous other little projects in mind to make as well.
   I shared with you the wreath Amy Mal. had me make for her mom for Christmas (find it HERE).
   My sister-in-law Staci, had me make two Spring type wreaths for her. She told me sort of what she wanted, I sent her links to wreaths I had on Pinterest boards, to better judge what she liked, printed off pictures of the two she chose and went shopping for supplies.
   She gave me two grapevine wreaths she had to use as the bases.
                                                     [ #681 ]

   THIS is the Pinterest pinned one, that I used the larger wreath and it's ribbon to make my version of. I had hoped to use white lilacs and cream colored hydrangeas on it, due to this comment Stacy had made, "I love the ivy and hydrangea wreath. At one point I had made one but the flowers all blew off in the strong winds as I used it so many years.  I have a red/rose colored front door that I'd like to hang this on. I really like the cream and beige colored hydrangeas with the ivy and leaves as they stand out so well."  But nobody currently has lilacs stocked in their spring flowers. Am I the only one that automatically thinks of lilacs, when I think of different types of spring flowers? So I did what I do most, improvise(d).

   Here is my finished version -
                                                          [  #685 ]

   And THIS is the second Pinterest one. She had added this comment about it, in our correspondence, "Also would like one like the 3rd link you sent with the same colors but maybe add a bit of white flowers for contrast with the pink flowers."

    Here is my finished version -
                                                         [  #687 ]

    I had called my brother and asked him to swing by and pick them up after work. At the time, Staci was off visiting her relatives. She was thrilled to come home to spring wreaths, especially since our weather at the time was anything but spring like.  [Staci, thank-you for the note and all that you sent with your payment! Now I can go get more supplies. ;->]

  Currently, I am working on one of the ones a friend ordered for Mother's Day gifts, as well as a Spring grass base idea I came up with while standing in Hobby Lobby.

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