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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Easier way to view ALL of your friends on Facebook

  I enjoy Facebook. Well, most of the time I do. At times I get tired of people's 'drama', which had resulted in me pretty much pulling out of Facebook at one point in time. But I found I missed it. Not the 'drama'. (inset eye roll). I missed having frequent connection with friends. And family. I have friends on there whom I haven't seen in person for years, due to life moving them elsewhere. But via Facebook, we have more of a clue as to what's going on in one another's life's. I like that. A LOT!
   So I returned full force to visiting Facebook.
   Then I got frustrated by a technical aspect of it. It seemed that I was only getting 'feed' from certain people, yet I was friends with lots more. Why did I never see things the others posted? Sure, I could go to my list of friends, find their names, click to go to their home page and read up, but there had to be an easier way, right?!
   There had to be a way....
   Then one day, when Brian had called me in to read something somebody had posted (most likely something he was chuckling over :-p), after I had read it, he moved his courser (the little arrow) over to the left side bar and clicked on something which made a whole different group of people's postings show up. "What did you just do?!?", "Changed which list I was on", " 'Spalin to Lucy!"
   He had gone through his list of friends and divided them up into groups. He only explained it a bit, but I was intrigued! I had to figure this out and implement it for myself. Exclamation point.
   So I did*. And if I can, then definitely you can to!
   First step - open another tab onto your main Facebook page.
   Second Step - Hover your little mouse controlled arrow, over a friends name. A little box will magically appear. SLOWLY move the arrow down to the 'Friends 'check mark' ' box. Slowly, otherwise either the box will disappear, or you will suddenly be on that person's home page.
   A second box will now magically appear. This box is a list of options. At the top it says, "Get notifications". Then there is a light line. Next comes, "Show in News Feed", then "Settings". Another light line. Below that are, "Close Friends", "Acquaintances" and "Add to another list". There's more below that, but we aren't going to talk about them today.
   Third Step - click on the "Settings". The box changes and displays new options. At the top it reads, "Go Back?", then a thin line and it asks, "See which updates?". Your listed options are, "All updates", "Most updates", or "Only Important".  If you are super into that particular person, or you are a stalker, then you'll want to click on "All updates". I always click on "Most updates".
   Under another thin line it asks, "What type of updates?". Your listed options are, "Life events", "Status updates", "Photos", "Games", "Comments and Likes", "Music and Video's" and "Other Activity". You'll notice that unless you have already personalized these settings yourself, every single option is checked. Personally, I always click to un-check "Games". I do Pinterest, I don't need games too :-p. Unless they are a very close friend, I click to un-check "commetns and Likes" too. I also un-check "other activity". That leaves me getting info. about when they post about their life's events, their status updates, the pictures they post for us to enjoy, and if they come across a wonderful music video they want to share. If it looks intriguing, I can watch it. If it doesn't, I can scroll right on past it.
   Fourth Step - Now scroll back up to the top of that third magically appeared box and click to "Go Back". Your now back to the list which starts with "Get notifications". I un-check that. Under the thin line it says, "Show in News Feed". The way I now have mine set up, I only leave that checked for my closest friends. Everybody else got un-checked. Under the next thin line it lists, "Close Friends", "Acquaintances" and "Add to another list". IGNORE THE FIRST TWO!
   Remember this higher up in this posting, "So I did*",? I thought by putting people that I randomly know from here or there on the "Acquaintances" 'list', would make it so that I had access to their posting that-a-way. Wrong. Over time, I started wondering why so-and-so never posted anything anymore. When I went and checked their home page, they had posted. hummm. Double check my settings, 'yup, they are under acquaintances". "Weird". More on this again in a minute*.
   Fifth Step - Click on "Add to another list". The box will change again. At the top, it will again read, "Go back". Under a thin line it will read, "Add to lists" and you will have the option of making your own list titles. I divided my facebook friends up into groups ("lists") such as, 'from church', 'from camp', 'from day camp', 'immediate family' ( = my husband, our kids, some of our "part time" kids), 'extended family' ( = all of the people (excluding my own little family) who are in some way legally related to me), and 'random people*'.  Break people up onto your own lists, in what ever fashion you want.
   I don't click to 'go back'. That way if I ever want to double check which list somebody is on, all I have to do is hoover the little arrow over 'friends, check mark' and it shows me.
   In the future, should you decide that you want to again see games they join, etc., you first have to click to add them back to 'show in news feed' for 'settings' to show up. After your done adjusting things, remember to un-check "Show in news feed", or that person will now show on your first page when you sign into facebook. 
   Sixth Step - In the left hand corner, at the top of your facebook tab, click on the word "Facebook". Your screen will change. As you scroll down, you will only see things posted by the people whom you left "Show in news feed" clicked on for. At the top of your left hand side bar, under your profile picture, will be a subtitle of "favorites". Next subtitle down will read, "Friends". Under that, you will find all of your own list titles. Read through the postings showing, then one by one, click on and read through all of your different lists. This way, you actually see things that everybody you are friends with have posted. And even though it does take a bit of time to set all of this up, in the end, it is ever so much easier than trying to go to every bodies home page and reading their postings that-a-way! So fix yourself a nice cold beverage of your choice and go to it! :-D
   Now, about 'random people*'. In the early hours this morning, after having sent a comment to somebody off of that 'Acquaintances' list, thereby noticing that they had done numerous posting lately I had no clue of, I had re-looked over the list of 'my friends' lists titles and realized that there wasn't one on there titled"acquaintances". ' Then why is that option available on their magical box?!?', "I'll fix that", I said to myself (yes, literally O;->), and I went back through my friends list and every single person who was checked as an 'acquaintances', got moved to a newly created list I titled 'random people'. "Much better", relieved sigh.

    While I'm on this subject, of people your friends with on Facebook...
   A while back, I had questioned Brian about how I could un-friend somebody, without causing any hard feelings, etc.. I was just tired of seeing this particular persons postings, all of their (from my perspective) self induced "drama", etc.. He had chuckled and stated that he had changed his settings, so that that same persons postings, didn't show up on any of his lists. "HOW?!" (remember, I'm 'Lucy'). "Just make sure they aren't checked to show up in your news feed, nor have you added them to any of your lists. BINGO! I tell you, I have a very wise, technically savvy, husband! THANKS Brian! :-D
   Now, I am fully aware that some of you have scanned through this posting and thought "Duh!". I tip my hat to you, for 'getting' all of this easily. My hope is that there are others out there more like myself, whom will benefit by reading these tips.

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