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Thursday, October 4, 2012

So-o pinteresting

   I had mentioned in Tuesday's posting, how browsing pinterest was a good thing to do while being on hold. Turns out it's also a lot of fun to do late at night, while waiting out hot flashes. I have had ever so much fun stumbling across things to pin to my boards.
   The other night I had decided to pursue pins for one particular board. I typed that name into the 'search' bar, then once pic's came up, I clicked on 'boards', meaning that I wanted to see boards other people have for that subject matter. I usually look at the main picture as well as the four little pictures underneath, then decide if I think that board might have materials I too might like. Sometimes that methodology works. Other times, not so much. The other night I knew I was going to be up for awhile anyways, so I pretty much just went board by board down the wall.
    Things I found both amused and befuddled me. I'd be scrolling down through some peoples boards and start thinking things such as, "really, you like THAT?!?", or, "why in the world would you even pin that?!?". But then on other boards, I'd be smiling my way through and repinning this or that thing I really liked. The big irony that hit me, was that I started noticing that most of the time the boards I didn't like the most, were also the boards that had the highest number of followers. 'Nothing new there I guess, never have been one to follow fads, or be part of the 'in crowd'. I tried to shrug it off and just do that particular board the way I had the others in that 'category' - my way/style. After all, they are 'my' boards. I do so enjoy looking through them over and over again.
   But I didn't succeed in fully shaking that felling of disappointment. I'd like to be the owner of boards that has high number of followers. Why is it that I'm always so different?  Same 'ole human feelings that I've struggled with for years. I know that God made me me for a reason. I know that wanting to have high number of followers is a pride issue. I prayed about all of it. I determined with in my mind, to let go and just enjoy pinterest for what it is, a world wide collection of styles and ides, out of which I can set aside the ones that I really like, on what ever board I choose to do so.
   The next morning God had an awesome surprise waiting for me. I usually check my emails, then Facebook, before venturing forth into pinterest. The surprise awaited me on Facebook. Abby A. M. had posted this to my wall - "I could seriously look at your pinterest for hours. It's like this huge collection of awesomeness."  And Laurie M. had 'liked' it. My reply back was, "WOW! Thank you ever so much!!! just wow!"

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