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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

'How hot was it?'

   I have always talked about how hot it was the year our Brent was born. "I never did figure out which was worse, being so huge and hot / miserable while pregnant in that heat, or trying to comfort and nurse a newborn, who was miserable in that heat." 
    I've talked about it sometimes since then, when others were bemoaning how hot of a summer it currently was. I always insisted that the summer Brent was born, it was even hotter.  Often it resulted in rolled eyes from others.
    Last night during our local news, the weatherman said that he hadn't predicted this high of heats, since the summer of __ . The year he mentioned, was the year Brent was born! :-D
    Brent was born on July 1st. Thankfully, that year the days fell so that Brian brought us home from the hospital, at the beginning of a three day weekend for him. Brent attended his first fireworks that weekend. Brian found an empty lot, sort of close to down town and we joined a few strangers whom also had brought along folding chairs and blankets. It wasn't crowded. We had amazing views of the fireworks. We felt the slight evening breeze that night. And to a one, everyone on that lot declared we'd stumbled upon the best spot in the city for fireworks watching!! (By two years later, it was no longer an empty lot :-[ )
    I mentioned being thankful that our arrival home from the hospital, coincided with a three day weekend for Brian. Brent (obviously) was a newborn. Brandon is fifteen (15) months older than Brent. Benson is two and a half (2 1/2) years older than Brandon. Byron is twenty two (22) months older than Benson. It was a record breaking heat filled, ever so busy, summer!!!

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