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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Analyse's 3rd Birthday - Part 2 - Decorations at the party

   In Part 1, I shared how-to's and pictures of the decorations we (Analyse and I) had made ahead of time for her 3rd  birthday. I thought you might enjoy seeing how they looked at the party.
    We 'strung' balloons. I used fishing line off of a big spool and a large eyed needle.
I had gotten the idea off of pinterst (surprised? o:->) (this pin). The pin had originated off of the blog 'A Girl and A Boy' (THIS particular posting).
                                               June 2012 #309

   I strung the balloons. Byron and Brandon hung them from the little metal hooks already in the walls (they hang Christmas lights from there during that season). And then I held Analyse up to help spread the balloons out.

    FOR  WHAT  IT'S  WORTH - we also did this method for hanging balloons, at the graduation open house we did for Erin. Both times the balloons had this thing for tangling themselves around one another on the fishing line. THEREFORE, from now on, I intend to connect one end of a length of the wire where we want them hung, then start stringing the balloons to it, connect the opposite end, then spread them out. Betting it will ease the process tremendously!

    At the far end of the room, we hung the birthday banner cards I had made last year. You can find the 'how - to' HERE.
   And closer up's of the three words -
    An overview of the side of the room where the Balloon Wreath was hung. (The ceiling fan kept the thing spinning a lot.  Next time I'd string each side to the balloon strings)
    An overview of the Ribbon Wreath side of the room.

   And a close up of the Food Buffet.
   We served make your own chili dogs (1/4 pound hot dogs, buns, chili sauce, shredded cheese, ketchup, mustard, chopped onions), A couple of types of veggies and dip, potato chips, pink lemonade and chocolate cupcakes.

    { As always, you can see any of the pictures larger by clicking on them }

     This concludes Part 2 of Analyse's 3rd Birthday - Decorations at the party.

     Part 1 was - Preparations for the Party

     Part 3 - Fun at the party, will be coming soon in a posting on this site.

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