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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Tulip Wreath # 2

   In THIS posting I had both told and showed you the tulip wreath I had made for my mother-in-law's grave. Near the end of the posting I had written, "Not sure what I'm going to do when I make the one for myself. Do I make the flowers go one direction around the wreath, or do I do it this way again? ...."
    Much earlier in that posting I had written this, "Here's a link so that you can see the picture I had pinned of the wreath. Turned out that the 'trail' didn't lead back to a tutorial on how to make them, rather it went to a etsy shop where you could order one. "Okay then, you've made plenty of wreaths before. Your capable of winging this!" (I said to myself.)"
    For mom's, I had gone up both sides of the wreath with the flowers. For the one I made for myself, I went all of the way around the wreath. It went *pretty good.
    What do I mean by "*pretty good"?
    First off, I had gone with the guys to Brian's dad's house on Sunday and taken my supplies and started working on it there. Therefore, I did not lay the flowers out around the wreath before I started attaching them, like I had on the wreath for mom. I worked on it some at dad's. And then some the next day here at home. And then finished it up the following day.
    My recommendation is, if at all possible, lay your flowers out around the wreath form first!   Going back later to unattach ones of a certain color, cuz your running out of that particular color too fast... challenging! Do-able, but challenging!
    Secondly, I had caught on part way into making the first tulip wreath, that it is much easier to cut about a dozen lengths of the tie on wiring at a time. Other wise, your always shifting too many gears, so to speak. I did it this time too, just not as many at a time due to not making it all in one setting.
     Thirdly, if you too decide to work on it in your lap, while your sitting on the couch or the floor, make sure your wearing long pants. We are currently experiencing record breaking high temps here in Michigan. So I had shorts on. My legs now have several red scratches from the wreath. 8-[.  Lesson learned.
    This is what the finished project looks like.

    Soon I shall be making the wreath out of those other flowers that had been on sale... o:->

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