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Monday, March 19, 2012

Peeps Wreath

    As I had mentioned in THIS posting, I had made two wreaths. Today's posting is about the other wreath.
    My dear friend 'Jewels' birthday was quickly approaching and I wanted to do something both fun and special for her. She LOVES  Peeps(R). I had been seeing all kinds of ideas of things to do with Peeps over on Pinterest. Humm... which should I do? She unknowingly answered the dilemma herself. She had sent me a message asking if I had any old magazines she could have (it'd been awhile since I'd given her any). When I dropped them off on her porch, I decided that her front door NEEDED a spring type wreath. Thus the choice was made. I would make the Peeps wreath I had seen, pinned and debated over.
    To see the pin of the idea on my Pinterest board, go HERE. To see the blog posting the wreath had originally been pinned from, go HERE.
    Knowing myself, I had looked up that posting and written down the list of needed materials before Amy and I headed out. The thing was, the blog owner hadn't specified whether the amount of packages needed to make the wreath, were single or double packages. 'Tis better to error on the side of caution'. So I purchased nine of the double packs. Thankfully, Amy knew that Walmart had them on sale. :-D
        I gathered together my materials.
    I ended up not hanging the bunny in the middle of the completed wreath like I had intended to do. There just wasn't room.
         After rereading the instructions on the blog posting, I got started. Insert a toothpick up into the bottom of a peep, until the top tip just barely doesn't break through the top of the head of the Peep. If it does, back it out a bit and squeeze the Peep. They heal wonderfully.
     Push the toothpick down into the straw wreath.
     That took a bit of doing. After having done a bunch, I questioned if perhaps I was suppose to have removed the plastic covering.
       I decided to cut off just one small area and try it. (if you squint just right, you can see the difference. :-p)  Oh yeah! MUCH easier!  So a snipping I went. Used a pair of scissors (Why is it a "pair of scissors"? It's only one thing, right? Or are the two blades that come together actually the 'scissor' part?) and cut a line all of the way around the wreath, figuring that would be the easiest method to remove the plastic.
     It was. The thing was, I didn't realize that I had also cut through a lot of the plastic string binding the straw into the wreath form. :-[
     BOTHER!!! !!!
     I didn't want to bother Amy into running to get a replacement one. I believe in 'waste not want not'. 'Think, think, think'... "Thank you Lord!"  I got the twine out and rebound the wreath.

      I went the whole way around 'just in case'.
     As you can see, my 'oops' had made a mess!
     Thankfully I was working at the table. It eased clean up tremendously! Hold the trash bin at the side of the table with one hand and brush the extra straw into it with the other hand.
     I only shared all of that with you to hopefully save you from doing it yourself. Your Welcome! o:->

    As you might have noticed in the picture of the supplies I bought, I had only picked up one package of the blue Peeps. Yes, on  purpose! Gee-sh... ;-p
    I put one row of the blue Peeps around the middle of the wreath.
    Next step was to add some pink ones.
      I had thought it would be neat to do a every other side pattern with the pink and yellow ones.
     While the 'plan' made sense... it didn't stay that way the whole way around as I got really into working. I wanted as little of the straw to show through as possible. So at first I stuck them in this way. Then I pulled some back out and changed them a bit. Then again. Then I told myself that 'Jewels' would love it, whether the pattern was O.C.D. perfect or not. Deep breath.
    And the whole filled in wreath -
     And from a hanging type position -
     And after Brian had sprayed it hardily with the clear coat paint, and I had added the white ribbon to the top I was going to hang it with -

     In the future, I see no reason to spray one. No, the blog had not instructed me to do so. It was just an idea I had had. One I hoped would help make the wreath last longer. By the time I got it to her house and hanging, I had put three of the Peeps back in, three times! (no, I didn't keep track if they were the same three Peeps.) I should have just left it alone and allowed her the privalage of snacking on them every time she came and went from her house.
     But I did allow her some snacking pleasure. It turned out that I only used seven and a half of the double packages. I wrapped up the two unopened packages and left them for her too. And yes, I let her know not to eat the ones on the wreath itself. I want to keep her around for a long time! :-b
    I didn't take the camera with me, so I don't have a picture of the wreath hanging on her front door.  But I will tell you that as I started to get back into Amy's van she declared "That's really cute!". And that type of a comment is not A-typical of Amy. I was thrilled!
     Did Jewels like it? She left this comment on her Facebook page shortly after having arrived home that evening - "oh my do i have some amazing friends... came home to a peep wreath on my door and peeps to eat by my friend cheryl b. and had an awesome time with sandy j. last night... birthdays are not about getting older, they are about understanding how much you are loved..! ! ! thank you both!"
     Mission Accomplished! :-D

(For those of you whom get our postings via email. Thought I'd let you know that our blog is now decorated for Easter. You can see it HERE.)

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