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Sunday, March 25, 2012

more of His timing humor

     In the past, I have shared tales with you about God displaying his sense of humor, via timing in our life's. Well, this morning He struck again.
    I was just sort of/ kind of - maybe/ almost waking up... you know, the dazed feeling you sometimes get when your still part way asleep, or is that, not yet totally awake? Any-ways, I was in that state, when I realized that my stomach was super full of gas, and growing even more so by the second. My fussy brain had no idea as to the possible cause of it, all that was registering was that it hurt to the point it felt like it was going to burst.
     Then the pressure shifted to a lower part of my anatomy. "Well, that's easier to take care of in a hurry, than the quick runs through the house to the bathroom are", my brain thought. Somehow I knew that Brian had already left for church (something this 'Ms. Vertigo' still can't handle well), thus it would be acceptable to let the gas build up exit my body. So I did.
     However, the very second that I started to, I heard a sound from the doorway, sounding like a mixture of a gag and a cough.
     I quickly sat up to see...
     There stood Daisy. Acting like she was trying to hack up a hair ball or something.
    'Oh yeah, we had Boo and Daisy overnight... '
    Then I chuckled. "You got me again Lord!"

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