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Friday, February 10, 2012

Valentines and Winter decorations

     Several weeks ago now, I decided that I wanted to make it a point to put out at least a couple of Valentines type decorations. I always use to save my snowmen to put out in January. But most of them were too smelly after our house fire to salvage. And I've never gotten around to building up a collection of them again. Seeings how I had put them out in Jan., after Christmas, I tried to stay away from the Christmas looking ones.
     So-o, I had a few snowman type things, and I thought I had a few Valentines type things... and might, but when I opened the door to the attic, well... the coldness of the day, combined with the upheaval that met my eyes and the fact that Ms. Analyse was "coming Gammy"... I closed the door again.
     But before I did, I nabbed a ceramic planter that has snowmen on it. It's so cute. It had come with an arrangement in it, when it was delivered to Brian's grandma's (Nanny) funeral. Mom knew I liked the pot and allowed us the privilege of bringing it home. (Actually, at that point, we were close to finally moving back in to our home after the fire).
    I found where I had stashed a white snowflake pattern basket. Went to the basement and ever so carefully got to where I knew the box of red and white silk roses were. And hunted up some pine cones. Combined with the sleds I had put out at Christmas, I knew I could come up with at least a couple of decorations.
    When I started pulling the silk roses out of their box, Analyse got ever so excited. "Auntie Kayla's pretty flowers!!!" Yup, they were ones we had used in decorating for Brent and Kayla's wedding. You can see them in these two postings. HERE  and HERE.
     I started attempting to make arrangements, but every time I pulled a new one from the box, she exclaimed "oh thank-you!" and reached her little hand out for it. Once in her hand, it went immediately to her nose. She'd sniff, get that perplexed expression, like "why do people do this?!" but smile happily anyways. She's so silly!
     I finally gathered a little bouquet together for her to play with and said that I was going to make decorations with the rest. Her expression made it clear that she had no idea what I meant. So I reworded it. "I'm going to make pretty surprises for the house." She still didn't totally 'get' it, but "I like sprises!!" And off she wandered with her flowers.
     That night each of the guys individually questioned why there were roses here and there, and there and... She gave each of them this "duh!" look and said "pretty sprises!!" I'd chuckle. They'd moan and spout something about me teaching her to decorate when she wasn't even three yet. o;-p 
     I came up with four things.
     First one is in the front entry. I always like to decorate there. The space is just designed to be used for such.  Currently, my two trunks are stacked in there. The top makes such a nice display area (although others tried to convince me it makes a handy 'collecting stuff' station. Thankfully, they allowed me to win. :->!)
                        (Reminder, you can click on the picture to see it in larger form)
    Two sleds. The larger one was Brian's as a baby. His mom was thrilled I liked to decorate with it.  The smaller one was made special for me by a guy I use to work with. He made them to sell. They can be used with the flat sled side sticking out, or the other way, showing the little shelves inside. He knew how much I liked them and made me one after Christmas, apologizing... I was thrilled! Still am.
     Like I said, the planter is from Brian's grandma's funeral and the flowers in it were used for Brent and Kayla's wedding.
     The red "cloth" is a linen napkin I had picked up at a mission store sometime....
      And the red berry wreath came from an consignment shop, when Crystal had taken me shopping for something to wear to a friends December wedding. They had it hung in their window. It became mine. ;->
      So all in all, simple yet special things, displayed in a simple grouping, that I really really like!

     The next "grouping" sits on top of one of the living room bookcases. I believe both the metal snow flake basket and the snow man bag came from mission stores... but I'm not positive on the bag part. If you gave it to me, please kindly remind me. o;-p. The blue and white snowflake tissue like paper, came wrapped around a gift. I set it aside.
      Again, simple, but I like it!
      I have these cute snowman and women salt and pepper shakers. Again, not positive on their origin. I 'think' I had picked them up at a mission type store intending to gift them... but then couldn't part with them. o;->  It happens. 
     I sat them up on top of the other living room bookcase. Also up there are pictures of one of my and one of Brian's grandma's, as well as the picture collage the funeral home had made of Brian's mom.
     So all in all, simple yet special things, displayed in a simple grouping, that I really really like!
     As I was working, I remembered that my brother Craig had given me this heart shaped basket. It had been in his house and I had decorated with it when we lived with him (after our house fire). He didn't need to move it with him when he married Staci. I had thought it would look cute hanging above the toilet in our bathroom. And it probably would. But the thumb tack I originally used, fell out. And when 'Ms. Vertigo' here tried putting a small nail in the wall....  Yup, it looks kind of nice sitting on the back of the toilet. o;-b!!!    Super Simple. Extremely cheap. But nice.

    So all in all, I don't have much decorated for Valentines. But I like what I do have out. And Brian was thrilled that it didn't cost him any newly earned pennies. ;-p

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