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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

chuckles tonight via Pinterest ;-p

   Brian and I have been talking about all of these recipes we have saved to try 'someday'. We want to start trying at least one a week. At least one. Preferably more.
   Some are saved in my in-house files. I promise to show them to you someday. o;-p
   But others have been saved in an email file. The big challenge with those, is that I don't always know what they are by the title of the email, or even by the name of the dish in some instances. ;-p
   This evening we decided that since I am currently so 'in' to doing my pinterest boards, I should transfer as many of the recipes from emails onto my 'Recipes I'd like to try' board as possible. That will make scanning through them ever so much easier and then if we want to get the recipe for it, we just have to click on the picture.
    So I just spent the last hour and a half doing that. First off, with the current physical symptoms I'm experiencing, sitting still is a good thing! Secondly, I didn't think to read the number of emails in the one file before I got started. Oh  my  word! There were a LOT!!!
    I'd open the email, click on the title of the email so that the computer took me to that particular posting on the site I'd saved it from, go up and click on 'Bookmarks' and then on the 'pin it' button. Once the box came up, I'd pick a picture, type in a description of the dish, as well as where I'd gotten it from, click to post, close that tab, delete that email and start all over again.
    I made wondrous progress! Man do we have a lot of good eating ahead of us!
    I was going to sign off and go fix something to eat, but then the number of new emails in my box caught my attention and curiosity. Turns out, we're not the only ones interested in trying those recipes!!! Oh my goodness!!! ;-p So-o many people on pinterest either clicked that they liked one of the recipes, or they repinned it to their own boards. Again my curiosity got tweaked, so I counted up how many had re-posted recipes total. That's when I got to chuckling. You know there's a lot when... ONE email title states, "So and so (okay, they listed a name. ;-p) and 53 others repinnned your pin on pinterest." 
     As I said, I counted only all of the re-pins and the total was 385!!! Honest! CRAZY!!! And I bet more people will still do so. Chuckling..... 
    Go HERE if you'd like to see what I pinned too. (still shaking my head and chuckling...)

p.s. - I posted this and went back to my emails. There was one new one. It's title reads, "So and so and 97 others..."  WOW!!!
       You know, I should have included some of my own recipes in there... o;-p

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