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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

When should you plant what?

    Way back when (or so it seems), we had a small garden. Brian dreams of having his own large size vegetable garden. 'Someday'. It always seems to fall into the 'maybe next year' category. Sometimes due to schedules being worked. Sometimes due to other things needing to take higher priority. And sometimes it's been, because by the time we're finally able to start one, it's past the date when we should have started the plants we wanted the most.
    A few minutes ago, while browsing over what friends of mine had pinned on Pinterest, I came upon a site which helps you know when your suppose to plant what, based on where you live. Laurie Miller had pinned the site onto one of her boards. It caught my interest. So I right clicked (like Byron just taught me to do the other day :-D) and opened the 'pin' in a new tab.

    The name of the site is 'SproutRobot(R)'. Here is their web address - http://sproutrobot.com/  You enter your zip code and then click on the 'get started' button. For where we live, it says that we should start bell peppers and tomatoes indoors this week. But then, then, it not only tells you that, it offers you information on how to do so! :->  If you click on the word 'instructions' next to a plant's name (such as next to where it said tomatoes), the screen then changes to an instruction sheet, complete with drawings, showing you step by step instructions on how to get your plants started. Cool!
     Seeings how we have the directory on where to buy fresh produce (as well as Christmas trees, and find local corn mazes, etc.) in your particular area, listed down our side bar, I thought I should add this information there too ;-] .

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