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Friday, January 6, 2012

What my 'plan' had been....

      I had progressed through all of the design scheming and the application tweaking, to the point that I was happy with the blog header I'd designed for 2012. All of the pieces of it just needed 'glued' together, a web address given to it, and the final product applied to the blog.

     Some how (that I still totally don't get), my email draft which I kept the links to all of the different 'Seasonal Smile' Pictures I liked, emptied itself. Frustrating!!! I had again looked up and found pictures I liked and wanted to use for the month of January. Had saved thier addresses.  Just needed to clear the December ones from the blog and apply the January ones.

     Do you remember how back on Sat., December 17th, I had told you, "While I have chosen to not join Pinterest myself, due to how **addictive it *could ( *aka: would most likely) become, it seems that our blog has unofficially 'joined' of it's own accord." ... "About the ** before the word 'addictive'. If you go to pinterest's HOME page, I'll be able to show you what I mean." ... "Do you 'get' why I think me joining pinterest, would be like signing up for a new addiction?  o;-b.  Mercy!"
    Well... ummm... you see.... Okay, I'll just come out and admit it. Big breath intake. I joined pinterest.  This was a response I got to the news - "
Who saw this coming? KATE saw this coming lol... :) So glad you're giving in to the Pinterest bug!"

    So-o-o, my 'plan' had been, that New Years morning, before we headed out, I was going to get on line, finish up our new blog header and apply it to our blog. I was also going to change the color scheme from a "Christmasy one", to blues. As well as change the 'Seasonal Smile' pictures. A-n-d, I was going to add a button to our blog, so you could join me on pinterest yourself(R) if you so desired. I had a lead on how to do the later thing.
    I did get up. I did get on line. I did attempt to do the final details to make the new blog header applicable. I tried. My hardest. But I just could not seem to get it to work. BOTHER!  I spent so much time trying to figure it out, that I used up all of my time. Twerent happy, let me tell you! 8-/!  "Fine then", I said to myself, "we should be home by 8:30 at the latest. Once we get Analyse down, I'll have Byron or Benson help me figure it all out, and still get everything applied". And I'd be able to do the "Happy New Years" posting I had in mind, complete with a picture saved for it.
    But as I told you about yesterday, we didn't come home that night. And once we finally did get home, we had sick grandchildren. And then a couple of us got sick ourselves. And "life" again laughed at my 'plans'.

    So... I am only running close to a week behind 'schedule', but I am ever so happy to announce, that Byron was able to help me finish getting our blog header applicable today (I was only missing two small, but ever so important, 'details'. Isn't that the way it always goes?!). It is now applied. And I did get all of the seasonal pictures and color theme changed. And while I was not able to figure out the pinterest(R) connect button, like I had thought I could, I did figure out a  way for you to connect anyways. ;-D  Scroll down our side bar, and you'll see what I mean. But be careful, I'm warning you how "addictive" it can be... o;-p
    For those of you whom gets our posting via email - go HERE to see the blog itself.

   Both grand kids are up again... and Benson's home from work... and Byron's computer crashed on him.... Aww "life".   Good thing I stuck a Pepsi(R) in the fridge, eh?  o;-b!

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