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Friday, January 20, 2012

Toll House Pie

   The next pie in the current series I'm posting, about the pies I made for Christmas this year, is the 'Toll House Pie'. We've already done the one on Pie Crust and the one on Blueberry Pie.
    Let's see, what should I say about 'Toll House (R) Pie'? It's true technical name is 'Toll House (R) Walnut Pie'. We just refer to it by the shortened version. I had found the recipe for it in my 'Toll House Heritage Cookbook' which was published in July of 1981. Not sure how long exactly I've had that particular cookbook. I just know it's been a long time. I'm also not sure when the first time I made this pie was. But I do know that it only took us the one time, to get totally hooked on it!
    In-fact, the mass majority of the people whom had tried it, end up falling for it. It's just so-o-o good! A case in point example, is my father-in-law. I remember the conversation oh so clearly. Brian was on the phone with his dad, talking about us going there for Thanksgiving that year. I asked him to relay that I would bring the Thanksgiving pies. I then inquired what types they wanted. My brain was thinking "traditional Thanksgiving pies" would be, pumpkin, apple .... My father-in-law however, answered, "Toll House of course, and..." ;-p!
     And so it has continued to this day. Certain people (cough cough, Amanda and Kate amongst them, cough, cough o;-p) are prone to get very sad when they learn I have made them and they have not been around to get some. If any of you know of good ways to mail pies, they ask that you PLEASE share such information with me. ;-p
     Yes, the pie contains walnuts. But even if you're not a big fan of nuts, there is a good chance that you WILL become a fan of this pie.

    Step #1 - Make your pie crust.
           Confession time here. When I was making up the pie crusts this year at Thanksgiving, I had forgotten that I would need both top and bottom crusts for the blueberry pies. Seeings how I made them before I made the Toll House ones, I just took the dough for the Toll House pies back out of their pie plates and used them as the top crusts, figuring I could just make more crusts for the Toll House pie. But when I went to do so, I didn't have enough lard. (I bought the previously pictured huge tub of lard shortly before Christmas). BOTHER!!! Not making them wouldn't go over real good. Hummm... Then I spotted the butter dish. Oh yeah, some people use butter to make their crusts. So I used up what lard I had left, which equaled about half of the amount I needed, and then substituted butter (the real stuff) for the rest.
       Oh.  MY.  GOODNESS.  It took the Toll House pie from being ever so good, right on over the top! Mercy was it good!!!  I had 'planned' on purposely making it that way for Christmas, but then didn't think of it till I was actually filling the already made crust. 8-/  I'm strongly contemplating writing a note to myself, on my pie crust recipe file, to use 1/2 of each for Toll House pies.
      You of course, can make your crust which ever way you want. o;->

   Step #2 - Measure your brown sugar and dump it into a mixing bowl. REMINDER - ALWAYS pack each spoonful of brown sugar down into your measuring cup as your filling it. I forget the "why" on this. Just know that it really does make a difference!
     Step #3 - Measure and dump your white sugar in on top of the brown sugar.
                [I was doubling the recipe. Aka: making two pies]
     Mix the two types of sugar together.

   Step #4 - Melt your butter. I do so in a glass bowl in the microwave.
    Step #5 - Pour the melted butter in on top of the sugars.
         At first it will look like this -
        Keep mixing until it looks like this -
      Step #6 - Add the eggs. REMINDER TIP - use the edge of the shell to break the egg yolks. Doing so will ease the stirring process greatly!
          Blend everything together until it looks like this -
     Step #7 - Add the flour.
         Blend it in completely.

     Step #8 - Chop your walnuts. Then measure and add your finely chopped walnuts tot he bowl. REMINDER - Measure them AFTER chopping.
      Mix them in until your batter looks like this -
       Step #9 - Add your chocolate chips. I strongly recommend that you use Nestle's(TM) Semi Sweet Chocolate Chips (R) !
       Blend them in, perhaps sneaking a taste once your done?
      Step #10 - Pour, actually, scrape your batter out into the prepared pie crust(s).
      Step #11 - Bake in a preheated oven at 325o for one (1) hour.
           (Go crazy over the yummy smells emitting from your oven!)
     Toll House pie is good served hot, warm, or cold. Plain, or with cool whip, or with ice cream.  Is it good for you? OF COURSE! It contains Chocolate - THE basic food group! o;-p 

         And now for the actual recipe -
              Toll House (R) Walnut Pie
         recipe taken from the 'Toll House Heritage Cookbook' (R), 1981 edition.

         for one single pie:
Unbaked pie crust
1/2 cup firmly packed Brown Sugar
         1/2 cup white Sugar
         1 cup (melted) Butter
         2 large Eggs
         1/2 cup unsifted white Flour
         1 cup finely chopped Walnuts
         1 cup Nestle(TM) Semi-Sweet Real Choc. Pieces (aka: chips)

        Preheat oven to 325o
        Mix ingredients together in the order given, making sure to mix thourally after each new addition.
         Pour into pie shell.
         Bake at 325o for 1 hour.

        Ohhh and Awww as your enjoying it ;-)

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  1. from 'my' Kate via email -
    "Okay, so first of all....
    *deep breath*

    Secondly! :) I had NO idea those were walnuts! I guess I always assumed they were pecans b/c you and I both love them so much I couldn't imagine you baking something with any other nut...and NO, I do NOT mean ME. ;)

    Thirdly...well dang. Now I want Toll House pie. Hmm - study for exams? Make pie? Seriously tough choice... :)"

    I sent back this reply -
    L-O-L!!!! :->

    I'm doing all of these pie postings and there currently isn't any pie in this house... Man am I fighting temptation to get baking ;-)

    Okay, so, some time you and I are going to try substituting the walnuts with pecans!



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