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Monday, January 30, 2012

A rolling he goes ... (a grandma tale ;->)

     This particular tale happened several weeks ago, but I smile every time I think of it, so I'm sharing it.

      As I had mentioned way back when, Elliot wasn't even a week old when he started rolling over. At first it was more like throwing himself over. But he has perfected it. Most of the time, that is. You can see him focus in on something, his brow tighten up, and then a rolling he goes. It's almost like he had been contemplating which direction he had to roll, and how many rolls it would take him to get to the desired object. So cute!
     One morning he had been the first one up. Turned out that he was only awake due to being soaked and hungry again. I had gotten him changed, wrapped him up in a warm blanket, and he fell sound asleep while drinking his bottle. But I got all of it down him. Slowly start to pull the bottle back out of his mouth, twisting it as you do and he takes off sucking at it again. Works most every time. :->  You just have to remember not to twist it when he's done with it. Lesson I learned!
      After just holding and cuddling his cuteness for a bit, I had leaned down and placed the bundle containing him on the floor, about two feet in front of the chair I was in. I went to the staircase and listened, no sounds of Analyse yet, so I went in to sneak some on line time.
      As was often the case, I didn't get far before I heard her calling upstairs. I went up and got her, got her changed, gave her some juice, and thought maybe she would stand next to me while I continued on the computer. Silly grandma! ;-b!
      She ended up sitting in my lap, trying to work the key board herself. So I backed out of everything I had been in and went to the pictures file. She thourally enjoyed viewing all of the pictures from her 2nd birthday party!
      We were just starting to look through them again (there are a LOT of them!), when Mr. Elliot went from making small little noises, to shouting for me! Not crying, mind you, but shouting! Honest! He's such a character!!
      I started chuckling the minute I rounded the corner into the living room. Remember, I had left him bundled up in a thick throw blanket, laying at least two feet in front of the chair.  The throw blanket was laying where I had left it, minus it's baby. All I could at first see of him, was his legs, from his knees down, sticking out from under the wing back chair. So-o funny!
      I asked him what he was doing under there and suddenly his little body torqued enough that I could see his face. His expression clearly told me that he had no idea how he'd gotten in that predicament, but that he expected me to fix it! So-o funny!
       I pulled him out and picked him up, cherishing how he beamed at me. But then he got to wiggling making it clear he wanted back down. This time I laid him further out, again on the blanket.
      I went into the kitchen to fix Analyse and myself some breakfast. It wasn't long before I started hearing his bouncy seat going up and down, in rhythm. ??? I knew Analyse hadn't decided to climb into it, she was "helping" me.
     What I found when I went to investigate, was again comical. He was laying sideways, dead center underneath the seat. I had attached one of those plastic link ring thingies to the front of the seat. He had a hold of it, and seemed to be trying to pull himself up into the seat. I mean, he'd arch his back, and kick his legs and sort of sit up, all the while pulling with all of his might on those rings.  It was just comical. And cute. And crazy, seeings how he wasn't quite six months old at the time.
     I scooped him up and asked if he wanted to be put in the seat. I swear he gave me a "Duh!! Grandma" look. ;-p!! The second his feet hit the floor, he took off bouncing so fast my eyes couldn't stay focused on his face. But man did they want to, for he was beaming at me for all he was worth - which is a TON!

     I know I've showed you this picture before, but I'm doing so again... I'm missing their silliness, and smiles, and cuddles.... But I am getting more sleep. o;-p

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