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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Pecan Pie

    The next pie in the current series I'm posting, about the pies I made for Christmas this year, is the 'Pecan Pie'. We've already done the ones on Pie Crust, as well as the Blueberry Pie, and the Toll House(R) Pie.
     In a way, the recipe for Pecan Pie, is similar to the recipe for Goulash. There are ever so many variations of it! And just because you like some types of it, does not mean you like all types of it. In-fact, it's highly probable that you strongly dislike some types of it.
     Another irony is, many people claim 'their' pecan pie to be 'southern style'.  Most likely, that just means it's a sweet rendition of the pie. It definitely does not mean that it tastes exactly like all the other pecans pies, which have been dubbed with the same title.
     All of that being said means, that I know some of you will not like this particular recipe for it. Others of you however, will L-O-V-E it!
      None of the guys in my house like pecan pie. Yet it is one of my favorite types of pies! I got the recipe from my mom. And most of my siblings and dad like it. So when I make it, it's usually in conjecture with a gathering of some sort, on my side of the family. But I usually make more than I know will be eaten, or even *taken home, by them. o;-p
      About the * by "taken home". People LOVE being able to not only eat a piece while they are at the gathering, but to also take a piece home with them, to have the next day. Sometimes I take a bag of empty containers (like Cool Whip or such had come in from the store) with me. My sister however, always has her own stash available for everyone to use. ;->  ( <--- BONUS TIP there)
      I got such a heart warming, tear provoking, awesome, compliment from my sister, about the pie this year. She wandered into the room I was sitting in, carrying a piece of the pecan pie on a plate. While fighting tears of her own, and poking at the pie, she said, "Cheryl, I just wanted to tell you that you totally nailed mom's recipe this time!! It's so-o worth the points I saved up to burn on it!"  (She belongs to Weight Watchers(R)).

    Step #1 - Make your pie crust.

    Step #2 - Measure your sugar into a bowl.
      Step #3 - Add your eggs. REMINDER TIP - use the edge of the shell to break the egg yolks. Doing so will ease the stirring process greatly!
                 [I was doubling the recipe. Aka: making two pies]

    Step #4 - Blend the two together until they look like this -->
      Step #5 - Add your melted butter and light Karo(R) Corn Syrup.
        (You do not have to finely groom your hands before making this pie o;-p)
         Blend every thing together thourally.

     Step #6 - Chop your pecans. No, we do not use the pecans as whole half's. And no, that is not an oxymora. ;-p.  We like them chopped, but not super finely chopped. Add your chopped pecans to the bowl.
      Step #7 - Stir everything together. If you 'should' get some on your finger, enjoy licking it off.
      Step #8 - Pour the mixture into your waiting unbaked pie crusts.
      Step #9 - Bake at 400o for 10 minutes, then at 350o for 20 minutes.

         And now for the actual recipe -
                   Pecan Pie
                              recipe given to me by my Mom - Pat B.

         for one single pie:
Unbaked pie crust - set aside

1 cup Sugar
         3 large Eggs
             Mix together until eggs are well beaten.
          1/4 cup Butter (1/2 stick)
          1/2 cup light (clear) Karo(R) Corn Syrup
              Add these to sugar and eggs and mix well.
          1 cup chopped Pecans
               Mix in with everything else.

           Pour mixture into the unbaked pie crust.
           Bake at 400o for 10 minutes then at 350o for 20 minutes.

      Savor every bite! :->

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  1. Delish! I'm lazy and tend to make pecan bars more than I do pie, but it's essentially the same thing, lol!

    I'd love for you to link up your recipes at What's Cooking Wednesday (http://thekingscourt4.blogspot.com/search/label/What%27s%20Cooking%20Wednesday) whenever you get a chance! We meet each week and would love to have you join :)


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