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Thursday, January 19, 2012

A "New" Movie Review Site

    Brian and I use to laugh at the previews certain well known movie critics gave movies. It often seemed like, if they didn't care for it much and thus gave it low ratings, that meant we were going to really enjoy the movie! One prime case in point, was the movie 'Six Pack', which started Kenny Rogers and Diane Lane. I was pregnant with our first born when we went to see it (yeah, a 'few' years ago. ;-p). They gave it the lowest ratings possible. We thourally enjoyed it!
    Over the years, that trend seemed to continue. To the point that when our sons got old enough to start choosing their own movies to watch, oft times they felt the same way.
     It really did not surprise us then, that while our oldest son was attending tech college, some of his classmates, a teacher they had, and him,  often talked about starting up their own movie review web site. They talked long and hard, but the site never actually got made.
    Until recently that is. Our eldest, with the encouragement of that same teacher, whom he still has contact with, started such a web site.  Together they chose to stick to the original name the group had come up with - "Rude Ushers".
     The funny part about the name is, that is exactly what some movie patrons dub my son, when by sitting in a hallway after the movies start, he ruins their plans of sneaking from the movie they paid for, into a movie that is rated above their age limit. He gets a kick out of their dubbing.
     You are hereby invited to visit their movie review web site and get a "real" persons rating on the movies. I should warn you, a E+ rating, is a REALLY GOOD rating. ;-p
      I ask, that if you have nothing nice to say about their site, or a review they have posted, that you don't even bother leaving a comment. Thank-you!
     You are welcome and even encouraged to submit your own reviews of movies you have seen. No, you won't get paid for doing so. They aren't getting paid to do so either. And no, yours won't immediately show up on the site. It will instead be sent to them for review and approval. That helps them keep it (the site) reader friendly.

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