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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The 'Yum-A'Setta Recipe got featured again ;->

     Back on Oct. 31st, I posted the much beloved recipe for 'Yum-A-Setta'. In that posting, I told you how an extremely high percentage of the people whom we have served it to, have really liked it.
     Well, it seems that it has caught the interest of a lot of you people out in 'blog land', as well.  On November 29th, I told you about how my linking that original posting up to Susan's "Totally Tasty Tidbits" one week, and all of the people who had followed that link, had gotten us highlighted the following week. That was cool!
    Well, that recipe got highlighted again! :-D  By Katie L., at "This Chick Cooks". Katie hosts a "These Chicks Cooked Link Party". I had linked the recipe/posting up to her party. She had then included it in her "Highlights from Recipe Swap #28" posting.

     We hope that all of you whom are checking this recipe out on line, are also actually trying it in real life!!!

     Thanks for highlighting us Katie! We definitely feel honored!

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