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Friday, December 16, 2011

Wonderful / Keepsake Gift Idea ! (+ late addition)

One of my "blogging friend's named Jen" (from the blog "Lipstick and Laundry Ca.") posted about the hand print reindeer she made, for the parents of the kids she does day care for.  ADORABLE idea!! - go see it for yourself!

For the record, No, I did not 'plan' on doing three postings today. Honest. I had planned on doing the one about "Heart Warming Moments".

And no, just because I posted about the other Jen, I didn't feel I HAD to post about this friend named Jen as well. I just really like this Jen's idea!!

But I will admit that I find humor in God's timing of all of it! ;-> 

So... I posted HERE about not joining Pinterest so that I wouldn't become addicted to it.... should never have found it's home page... o;-p   This morning (Sun. Dec. 18th), I found this idea which I also found wonderful... http://pinterest.com/pin/263812490641579671/

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