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Saturday, December 17, 2011

we're unintentionally on Pinterest ;->

   While I have chosen to not join Pinterest myself, due to how **addictive it *could ( *aka: would most likely) become, it seems that our blog has unofficially 'joined' of it's own accord.
   What do I mean? Well, this morning I followed a lead on our blog's "traffic flow" page, which lead me to how somebody had 'pinned' one of our postings to their pinterest 'board'. There, I also found a lead to see all things people had 'pinned'  to their boards, from our blog. I followed it. There were quite a few. You can see which ones HERE.
    It always thrills me to learn that others like things I have posted!! :-D
    About the ** before the word 'addictive'. If you go to pinterest's HOME page, I'll be able to show you what I mean.
    Scroll down just a bit. Do you see the plaque which starts out, "Good mom's have sticky floors"? I LIKE that!!! It goes along with two others I really like. One hangs in the home of my friend Debbie (G.) Swin., and reads, "Picking up while the kids are up, is like shoveling while it's still snowing". (Valid point!) The other hangs in my Aunt Susie's home, and reads, "If you came to see me, WELCOME! If you came to see my house, make an appointment!" (My thoughts exactly!)
    Scroll down just a teeny bit further. See the staircase with the titles of books painted on it? You know I love books. And I've always dreamed of owning this huge in-home library. So-o, make it a second floor library, with steps painted like this leading up to it?  ;->
     Scroll another teeny scroll. Those girls bed's built into the wall, are simply ADORABLE!!! We were going to do a grand children's room designed like the inside of a train car. Hummm ... maybe we'll need more than one room?
    Another short scroll, do you see the log room, with all of the windows? And the huge stone fireplace. So-o inviting looking!
    Scroll some more. See the plaque which reads, "We'll be friends till we're old and senile.. Then we'll be new friends"? Robin P. has said that's about us. ;-D
    Scroll some more... See the pictures about the cast of the TV show "Boy Meets World"?  Aww the wonderful memories of TGIF's on TV, while my boys were growing up.
     Keep scrolling. Do you see the picture of the wood beam framed wall of windows over a kitchen sink? Oh YES P-L-E-A-S-E !!!  I could so easily work that into the kitchen design I want!!! And it would fit into the same house, as the room with the huge stone fireplace, which I already mentioned, would.
    Scroll some more. See the quote about a Bible?  Valid point!!!
    Keep scrolling.... The quote about the pictures in our head is a bit too true, I'm afraid.
   Scroll a bunch more. The "braid fishtail hair-do" is so darn cute!! And classy looking. And... man would my arms get twisted up trying to do that to myself! Let's see... the next time I'm suppose to get really dressed up... who could I get to do that for me?
    I think I'd better stop scrolling.
    Do you 'get' why I think me joining pinterest, would be like signing up for a new addiction?  o;-b.  Mercy!
    But I'm kind of proud that our blog has "joined" of it's own accord. :-)

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  1. I'm a pinner, it has sort of become more fun than blogging itself... So it sorta balances out if that make sense? I peruse less blogs and spend more time perusing pinterest... In fact I even search pinterest now instead of google... "pinteresting" don't ya think?? hahaha


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