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Friday, December 9, 2011

This 'Lucy' 'splains ...

    Somewhat recently, Brian and I attended a wedding. The ceremony itself went off fine. Near the beginning of the reception, our friend Steve B. walked up and commented about how he had noticed that we seemed to be really enjoying ourselves during the ceremony. He commented about how while our shoulders had really been bouncing, we'd done a good job of staying silent.
   Brian and I exchanged a look, and started giggling, which turned other people's heads, which made us decide it was probably best to not tell the whole story right then and there.
   This then is that story.
    My hair was just hanging down straight when we had arrived at the wedding. But then just a little ways into the ceremony, it had really started bothering my eyes. This happens sometimes. I don't always wear it up, because that can often start or increase my headaches. But sometimes when I wear it down, it seems to drive my eyes batty. Just another example of how my body parts don't always work together. 8-/
    During the ceremony, my eyes started REALLY being bugged by my hair. The kind of bugged that sets my vertigo off worse. So as low key as possible, I had reached up and using only my fingers, pulled a section from the front on both sides, so that they met at the back of my head. I was going to slip a barrette on it - no big deal.
    I knew that I had a barrette in my purse. I remembered having dropped it down into my purse the other day. I remembered that when I had done so, my mind had questioned if it was wise to drop it in open like that. But I had left it as such. The only reason I can come up with now is, I must have also had other things in my hand that I was taking care of, and thus not wanted to set everything down so I could retrieve the barrette and close it.
    So any-ways, we're sitting along side the main aisle at this wedding, about the third row from the back on our side (the other side had more rows), and I am attempting to nonchalantly pull some of my hair back and secure it with a barrette.
    I reach down into my purse and feel around for the barrette. Got it instantly. Good. But then as I start to pull it up, it wouldn't come. It would start to, then feel like it was caught on something. I eased it back down and tried again. And again. By then Brian shoots me this look like "what's the problem?". With a perplexed expression, I shrugged my shoulders. And tried again. "What in the world?!" my brain questioned.
    Then I had to decide, do I let go off the hair I'm holding behind my head with one hand, so that I can use both hands to empty my purse? Do I ask Brian for help? Or do I just tug harder at it, hoping I don't dump everything all over the floor?
     I went with the last option. After all, it's not like I keep that much in my purse in the first place.
    As I tugged harder, the problem gave way, and up came my barrette, with the tines of a fork stuck in it. Yes, a fork.
    "What in the world?!!?" 
    Brian's eyes were silently asking me that, while my own brain was past asking it and trying to come up with an answer as to how and where that thing had gotten into my purse!
    But then the humor of the whole thing struck both of us. I mean, here I am, sitting in a wedding ceremony, trying to nonchalantly get a barrette out of my purse, and instead I pull out a fork entwined in my barrette.
    I leaned over and asked Brian if I was on 'Candid Camera'. Probably shouldn't have asked that. o;-p
    I did get the barrette free and the hair into it on the back of my head. But there in my lap sat that fork.
    Brian leaned close and asked if I was hungry much. He ought to have waited. o;-p
    As I started to slip the fork back into my purse, it caught on the edge of my wallet. (insert eye roll)
    I tried again.
    Brian asked where it had come from. I hadn't a clue. So I looked at the pattern on it. None of the ones we have at home.
     As I'm sitting there holding it in one hand and puzzling over where it came from, Brian started chuckling again. Which set me to doing like wise.
     Goodness, there we were, two grown adults, trying to contain our laughter, during a wedding ceremony of all things! (shakes head)
     The more we tried not to laugh, the funnier the whole thing became!
     We never did laugh out loud, which we were very proud of ourselves for achieving, because it was not an easy achievement!
     We pretty much had regained full composure before the end of the ceremony, so none of the people being dismissed from in front of us had a clue anything had been amiss. We thought we'd pulled it off fine. Then Steve questioned us at the beginning of the reception. Oops! ;-p

    So, where had the fork come from?  The only possible scenario we have come up with, is that the day before had been when we'd gone out to eat, which I'd told you about in THIS posting. The waitress had already taken away Brian's empty plate, when I decided that I was full and passed my plate to him. He'd reached for his fork, but there hadn't been one. I'd proposed that maybe she'd taken it with his plate. He'd replied that he hadn't used it yet (he'd ordered a sandwich and onion rings). So just m-a-y-b-e, when we had scooted things around so that I could hold Elliot on the edge of the table to feed him his bottle, m-a-y-b-e his fork had slid off of the table and landed in my purse, which was sitting on the bench next to Brian (so that I had room on my side to lay Elliot down once he fell asleep).

    If that's not the case, I have no idea where that fork came from!!! ;-p
    Here's what it looks like.  Is it yours?  ;-b !!!

     In case your curious, yes, I'm still 'wondering' about myself. o;-p


  1. Hahahaha sooo funny... Maybe one of your grandkids put it in your purse... You'd be surprised what my little friends put in my purse... Last week I had about 12 AAA batteries in my purse... hahaha

  2. from Cheryl's dad - "It’s your story---stick to it!!"


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