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Thursday, December 1, 2011

it's December 1st.

   Yes, that means that Christmas is only 24 days away. More about that subject in a minute. For now, I want to write about something else. Today is December 1st. That means this year is almost over. What things, whether via "New Year's Resolutions" or just setting goals for myself, did I set out determined to accomplish/do this year? How many of the yet unaccomplished ones, can I still, via hard work and re-prioritizing things, get accomplished, before that ball drops on New Years Eve? 
   Two different ones come to mind, that I won't be able to accomplish. The first one has to do with weight loss. Dropping as much weight as I have in mind to lose, in one months time, would most likely land me in the hospital. And that was an item on my "I hope I don't have to go there this year" list. ;-p  While I haven't dropped any-where's near to what my goal was, I have made a good start over the last two months.  Having the grand children in the house, has been good for more than just this grandma's spirits!! ;->
    The second item had to do with wanting to once again do lots of canning and freezing of fresh fruits and veggies. The vertigo wasn't under control enough yet, when all of that stuff was in season. So this particular item shall be transferred to next year's list.
    How-ever, a couple of items that I could still conquer, have also come to mind. One has to do with using my sewing machine, the other is a sorting out / organizing project.  My determination about both of these is rising!!!
    What kind of things/goals were on your lists? Can any of the yet unaccomplished ones, still get ticked off as "done"?  I KNOW you CAN!!! (choo-choo...;-p )

    Now, yes, today being December 1st, also means that there are only 24 more days left till Christmas.  Thus, I have tackled the getting all of the pop corn strung, so that some how, some way, we can get the tree up this weekend (scheduling 'life' around here is a tricky business!).
                                                l-o-n-g strands -

                      (eight strands hanging double over a hanger)
     And I've also redecorated our blog for Christmas. (If you get these postings via email, you ought to go visit our actual blog.) And I've been giving some thought as to what baking I want to do this year. And what to get to put in our kids stockings. A-n-d....
    I would encourage YOU to check out THIS posting, which reads - "Thought I'd start the season right off, by doing a directory of all of the previous subject related postings we've done, in the hopes that you will find at least one of them helpful. "

   o/~  "May your day's be Merry and Bright . . . " o/~

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 
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