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Monday, December 5, 2011

how to keep things from boiling over

  [ At least on the stove top. Yesterday was proof that I haven't yet conquered it in the oven 8-/ ]

   Recently, as a pot of potatoes was just reaching the boiling point
   I remembered a tip I had read real recently on Tammy's blog. In THIS posting, Tammy had written, "To keep potatoes from boiling over when cooking, put a streak of butter around the pot on the inside, at the top. "
   "Hummm... I wonder if I can still add butter around the top and still have it be effective?" ... "Worth a try!"  I got a paper napkin and rubbed it on the butter sitting in the butter dish, then smeared it all the way around the top bit of the pan (just below the rim).
    My 'plan' had been to stand there and watch, to see what happened. But you know how often 'plans' go awry in my life. I ended up being called out of the room, and not returning for ten (10) minutes.
   As I reentered the kitchen, I was expecting to see quite the mess. But  I  Didn't!!! :-) This is what the boiling pan of potatoes looked like.
   Nothing had risen above that line of smeared on butter! :-D And for the record, it had not been smeared on thick enough to even see. I had just started smearing by one handle and went around the pot till I was back to where I had started, leaving no easily visible evidence that I had even been there.
    There was no mess! I was so-o-o thrilled!

    A few days later, as I was boiling up a really big batch of wide egg noodles, the potato incident came to mind and I wondered if the butter trick would work for noodles as well. "Worth a try!!"
    So using the exact same methods, I tried. I even left the burner set on high, seeings how I was trying to speed up the completion of this meal.
     And it worked!!! :-D
   I tell you folks, I am ever so grateful that Tammy shared this wonderful tip with us!!! From now on, every time I'm cooking something on top of the stove, which has the possibility of boiling over, it's going to have the inner top of it's pan buttered!!! I'm serious! I find buttering the inner top of a pan, far more enjoyable than cleaning up the over flow later!!!

    As for over flows in the oven -
    Next time I will put what I baked yesterday in a larger pan!!!   But thankfully, the mess WAS easy to clean up. I remembered Brian saying that his mom always put sheets of foil down in the bottom of her oven, before baking up a big meal. So I had tried it. Let the oven cool off. Remove the foil. Wa-la!!!

     To help keep any smoking down while the item which over flowed is still baking, HEAVILY sprinkle salt on the spill. Cuts the smoke in no time. And, if you'd forgotten to put in the foil, it crystallizes the spill, which makes it easy to scrape/scoop out later with a solid bottom, metal pancake type spatula. ;->

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  1. Great tip. I just found your blog via Mandy's recipe box. You've got some great stuff on here!

  2. WOW! I've been in the kitchen for years, and did not know this. Sooo glad you shared. Found you at Totally Tasty Tuesday - great tip! =)

  3. from Kate via email - "I can just baaaaaaaaaaaaaarely see your pretty new stove and oven in those pictures - can't wait to come drool over it in person! :)

    Also - best idea ever! Will have to give this a try..."

  4. from Rane VanderM. via email - "The other thing that works is putting a wooden spoon in the pan and it will not boil over either. "

  5. This is a great tip and good information that we can all use. Thank you so much for sharing with Full Plate Thursday. Hope you are having a great week end and come back soon!
    Miz Helen

  6. Wow, that's amazing. I've never heard that one before. I'll have to try it asap as it IS much nicer and easier than cleaning up a mess. Thanks for linking up to Making Your Home Sing Monday!

  7. A great tip. Thanks for sharing with Simply Delish.

  8. Another reason why butter is better! Certainly a lot easier than cleaning up a big boiled over mess. :)


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