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Sunday, December 11, 2011

the epidemy of greed? ;-p

    Over the years, lots of our friends have made comments to the effect, "you guys life is never boring, is it?". Every time we have replied, "Nope. That's one thing it's not. Crazy? Yes. Boring? Nope."
     Well, it seems that even the catching of mice, in our mouse traps, fits in. Who would have thought? ;-b
     Back HERE, I told you about how we use chocolate chips as bait in our traps. And then in THIS one, I both told you about and showed you, how we'd caught two mice, in the same trap,  at  the  same  time!
     We now have another humorous mouse catching story to share with you. Both in word and in picture.
    Brian calls this one "a true example of greed".
    [Reminder - you can click on the picture itself to see it larger / clearer]

    Yup. The mouse was carrying a french fry (which was longer than it's own body size!!), but instead of circumventing the trap (which there was room for it to do), it just had to take a nibble of the chocolate.
     Busted! Literally!  (bad pun?  o;-p)


  1. Wow! That greed will get you. It's kind of like that story about catching the live monkeys. They'd put their hands in the bottle and grab onto the food. If they let go of the food they'd be able to pull their hand out and escape, but they would not let go of the food.

  2. You spelled epitome wrong. Frank.


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