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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Date night last night ;->

   Brian and I went out on a date last night. Just the two of us! We haven't done that nearly enough lately! After dinner at Logan's(R), we went shopping at Kohl's(R).
   While my side of the family no longer does gift exchanging, and we draw names with our own kids (although everybody gets a gift for the grand children, and will till they reach the age of 18), we do still get our kids "something", as well as fill their stockings. And we do gifts for/with Brian's side of the family. Over the years, I have had great success at finding lots of "perfect gifts", on great sale, at Kohl's(R), close to Christmas. So unless I have something else explicitly in mind, I always just start there.
    Kohl's has this Christmas program, where you earn 'in store credit', based on the amount you spend. The only catch is, that you have to use it between the day after Christmas and New Year's Eve.
    Therefore, we headed back there last evening, to spend those 'free' dollars. We had earned enough, that combined with them being on sale, we were able to get me new shoes (not sure how old the ones I had been wearing were - 3, 4 years?).
   We also picked up a couple of birthday cards (Brian had started looking at them, while I went to the bathroom...). And one item each for our daughter-in-loves. For next Christmas.  No Kayla, you can't just see it now. o;-p    We then hit three other places for other things. All in all, a nice low key evening. Like I said, "Nice!"

   Today we're doing this and that. Tomorrow evening we get to pick our grand kids back up from their mom. :-D  Aw the bliss of their noisiness again! ;-p

   [ For The Record - This was in no way a paid advertisement for any of the listed places or products!!! None of them have any clue I wrote any of this, and probably never will.]

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  1. cute shoes! and they're BRAND NEW!


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