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Friday, December 16, 2011

3 Heart warming Grandma moments :-D

    # 1 - Last evening I had been clearing up from dinner, etc., when Analyse first started watching her nightly 'Elmo(R) before bed' episode. Papa, her daddy, and baby Elliot were watching it with her. Then Papa left to go work at church. Then baby Elliot fell asleep in the bouncy seat. And shortly after I sat down in the living room, her daddy went to tend to things in a different room.
    I had sat down in the chair, Analyse was on one of the couches. Suddenly she jumped down and came charging at me, poking at me with a finger.
    "Great", my mind thought. "Another episode of huge second wind, let's fight bed time".
    Suddenly, my brain  had me scooping her up, while saying "don't poke me when I want to cuddle you!" And I sat her on my lap.
    As she scooted even tighter up against me, she said "I cuddle you!!" and then leaned her head against my shoulder blade and sighed.
    UTTER  BLISS!!!  :-D

    Thank-you Lord! For both the idea and the precious moment!

   # 2 - This morning I heard Elliot cry, Byron tell him just a minute, their bedroom door open and shut and then the sound of Byron hurrying down the steps. Elliot's crying sounds of course intensified. I was awake anyways, so I got up and went into their room.
     As I started to lean over his bed, He made two crying sounds - "Auwrr.., Auwrr..", and started a third one, but then mid sound changed it to laughter, "Auwrhehehe". And his face was BEAMING up at me.
     UTTER  BLISS!!!  :-D

     I scooped him up and we headed down stairs, to change his drenched self and send daddy back to bed.

    # 3 - Quite awhile later, we heard Miss Analyse talking, so we went up to greet her. Their daddy has to work a late shift tonight, might as well let him sleep in now.
     She was still laying down, so I laid him down next to her. After a minute of talking to him, she started taking inventory of her "babies". Baby "Nana" (insert here - Maxine, that's the baby you gave her at the shower ;->), Baby "Kiki" (named after one of the characters on "Fresh Beat Band"), "Elmo(R)" , "Minnie(R)" "Gaamy" (her newest title for me), "Where's Minnie?!?!!"
    So I started looking. She was wrapped up in and buried under the blankets. As I put her into Analyse's outstretched arms, Analyse said, "Thank-you!" And then, while pulling Minnie in for a tight hug, she sighed and said "Oh thank you very much!!"
    This grandma did her own sigh, over UTTER  BLISS!!!  :-D

    This picture is when she decided that since he was in the bouncy seat, she could sit in the swing. Silly girl!! ;->
    (Why is there a ladder in the living room?  Pappy and daddy had been putting up the storm windows, and still needed to . . . )

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