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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

'Yum-A-Setta' posting ranked first place ;->

   Back on November 5th, Susan, from 'Permanent Posies - Creative Chaos', left this comment on our posting about 'Yum-A'Setta'.
   "Well...I was checking all my links to see who had the most hits and yours did. After reading it and rereading it, I see why. So, you don't mix your noodles into the meat....but just put them on top? I guess the soup keeps them from drying out? Don't you love to have an easy go to recipe to take to people? Can't wait to try it. I will feature you this week. Thanks for participating".
    I had linked that recipe up to her blog party titled "Tuesday's Tasty Tidbits". So many people clicked on my link-up to that party, that we not only scored in the top four of the group that had people click on their link, but we came in top place - #1!  WOW!!!
    As promised, Susan then high lighted us the next week, in THIS posting. Cool!
    Seeings how I had not been able to keep up that week and link that recipe to the Wednesday, Thursday and Friday blog parties like I had 'planned' to, I think I shall try to this week. It's such a simple but wonderful recipe, and it's not like I can personally make and take it to everybody out in blog land... o;-p
    We'd like to thank all of the people who helped us hit first place in Susan's party that week. We hope you have both tried the recipe for Yum-A-Setta, and that you have been glad you did!

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