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Sunday, November 27, 2011

I got chuckles and love from a friend ;-D

   Recently, my friend 'Jewels' stopped by, returning our cooler and pans.  Her mom had died within days of when Brian's mom had. We knew their pain, and had expressed our care.
   Surprisingly, when she'd gotten here, BOTH of the grand kids were asleep taking naps. That didn't always happen the way this grandma hoped. In-fact, after we had talked for maybe twenty minutes, Jewels left and I turned from the door to return to my lunch. But alas, I heard Mr. Elliot making noise. Guess he didn't want me to be lonely. ;-p
   A couple of hours later, I got around to opening the cooler, so that I could put away the pans and racks I knew would be inside. What I found on top of them made me laugh so-o hard!!!
             (Reminder - you can click on the picture to see it larger. When done, click the 'go back button' at the left hand top of your screen)

   Later, when I showed it to family members, some would chuckle, but others would just raise their eyebrows, questioningly like. Maybe it's not a 'guy thing'. Or maybe, they just don't relate to things the way that Jewels and I do. Because for me, her note and gift not only made me laugh, it gave me wonderful warm "fuzzes"!!!
    I had set both the note and the gift on the end of the dining room table. That way, every single time I passed by (which I have to to get from the living room to the kitchen and or bathroom), I saw them and smiled. And felt her love for me. Bliss!
    Part way through the next day, Ms. Analyse spotted them. She was as thrilled as I had been! She liked playing with Ga_ _ ma's bunny and it's "bed". She was enjoying it so much and being so-o darn cute about it, I let her play away. For several days. Smiling most the while. (Me, that is, smiling at her antics. Then again, she was smiling too, while playing with them. Double win! ;->)

    "The boys" still aren't so sure about my pink kitchen linens, and I'm o-Kay with that!!! o:-]

    THANKS Jewels!!!!!  You rock!

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