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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

another 'Lucy' experience ;-p

    Brian and I went out on a date recently, with little Elliot in tow. Aw the memories that brought forth! ;->   Especially since Brian brought along the cordory Snugli Sack(TM) which we had purchased with gifted money, after his daddy was born.
    When we left, I knew it was about time for Elliot to eat and nap again and was hoping timing would work out good. It did. :-> While he had gotten a bit fussy at red lights in the van, he was good while we were waiting to be seated  (couldn't believe how busy the place was!), so immediately after placing our order, I mixed up his bottle and started feeding him.
    We had been seated in a booth. Brian scooted the table as far his direction as he could, so I was holding Elliot half on the edge of the table, half up against my chest. Elliot snuggled right in and it worked fine. I fed him, burped him, fed him some more, during which he fell asleep. ("Love it when a plan comes together" ;-p) I then laid him on top of my jacket on the bench next to me, and ate while usually having one hand laying on top of him.
    I was pretty much done eating, when I asked Brian if he'd come sit on my side of the table while I went to the bathroom. As I stood up to leave, Brian snickered. Not a good sign. There was a spot on my chest, which looked as though I had 'leaked'. 8-/!  It seems Mr. Elliot had drooled, while up against me, when he was drifting off, or something.
   So with my arms folded up in a peculiar way, I headed off to the bathroom. I knew I was holding them in a peculiar way, due to the looks I kept getting from the long table of about 20 retired ladies I had to pass. Goodness.
    I didn't even look in the mirror upon entering the bathroom, just quickly took care of business. But once I left the stall and stopped in front of the mirror. Oh  my  word!  It definitely looked like I had forgotten to wear a nursing pad that day! Bother!
    While praying that nobody would come through the bathroom door, I got the dried on formula wet and started wiping at it with a paper hand towel. A white one. Which decided to cling to the knit of my shirt, in teeny tiny little white blobs. Lots of them. Which of course wouldn't brush off.  "Really?!?!!"
    The Lord did grant my prayer request and not let anybody come into the bathroom while I was doing all of this. The thing is (isn't there always a catch? 8-/), I hadn't thought to look under the stall doors, or include any other possible bathroom inhabitors in my prayer request.
    Suddenly, a stall door kiddy corner behind me opens, an elderly lady starts to exit, turns back to flush her toilet, then walks out of her stall. "Help!" (I silently screamed)
    As she walked the two feet towards me, using the mirror to her full advantage, her eyes kept moving from my chest, to my face, to my gray hair, to my chest and over again. She looked totally confused. And not too sure about me!
    In an extremely condensed version, which you guys would have been ever so proud of me over, I quickly told her what had happened. She got the hugest warmest smile. And then shared a story with me.
     She said that growing up, she had always wondered why her mom (a mother of nine), had always insisted on wearing these print dresses, in certain colored fabric. She had tried to convince her mom to wear solid color dresses, in pretty colors like some of the other women of the time wore, but her mom had insisted she liked her kind of dresses best. My bathroom friend had then chuckled as she went on... She said that one day as she was in the midst of raising her own children, it had suddenly dawned on her just how wise her mom had been, in her choice of dresses. While they weren't made from what we now call camouflage material, they worked just as effectively!!!
    She had patted me on the arm as we walked out of the bathroom. Me, with my arm again held in a peculiar way. She had patted me, congratulating me on being a grandma, and saying she knew I was a wonderful one, because I could laugh about my grandchild ruining my outfit, even while out in public. "Lord, thanks for having her hiding in that bathroom stall!"
    When we left the restaurant, we headed for the close by Goodwill store. Tried on four shirts, bought one. While wearing it. The sales clerk chuckled when we went to check out and I held out my arm with the price tag dangling at the end of the sleeve. ;-p

   In case your curious, yes, I'm still 'wondering' about myself. o;-p

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  1. What sweetness and grace from God that night!

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