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Thursday, October 27, 2011


   Yes, it has been over a week since I posted. So much has been happening / changing in our lives!!! This then is info. about at least most of them.

~ Do you remember how our camera had come up missing while we were at Byron and Cyndi's, the weekend after our grandson Elliot was born? Well.... I found it. Could not believe my eyes when I did, but they were showing me the truth.
    While we were there that weekend, we had taken Analyse out for breakfast and then stopped at an Estate Sale. Fun!!! I should tell you about those memories sometime! But for now, I had bought this large coat type sweater and a couple of other things at the sale. Last week, I remembered it and wondered if I could wear it for Brian's mom's funeral (she would have really liked the sweater!). When I pulled the sweater out of the bag, there, at the bottom of the bag, was our camera. "OHMYWORD. !!!
    I just kept repeating it, while walking towards the bathroom to show Brian. Later, he said he remembered hiding it in there, not wanting it to show through the van windows when we'd stopped at the grocery store....   So did I. Remember it that is. ... How we've missed you wonderful camera!
    Thankfully, we HAD gotten a couple of cute pictures of Elliot before we'd hid the camera from ourselves ( 8-p)
     Here's our adorable grandson Elliot - age - three days old -
    and another -
      and one with Analyse, his thrilled to be a big sister -

~ Byron, Analyse and Elliot had been here for just over a week. Byron had then taken Analyse back. Cyndi came back with him for grandma "honey's" funeral. She then went back and Byron and Elliot are still here. That boy has both grown and developed so-o much!!! His eyes lock in and track wonderfully now! He does seem to prefer looking at things further away rather than closer up though. He talks. A lot. And if he doesn't get the response he wants. He talks louder. By a lot!!! Yup, he's one of the family! :-p
    Speaking of that, looking at the profile of our nephew James at the funeral, we saw so-o much resemblance to Elliot. It was amazing!!! Definite family genes there!
    And then there was the discovery about Analyse. The mortuary had taken five different shots of Mom over the span of her life and made this life line collage thingie (it was cool!).  But, the picture they had used of mom as a child, was like looking at a picture of Analyse!!! The moment we saw it, we were stunned! ! ! In-fact, everybody that came who has seen Analyse recently, commented on the resemblance, without us saying a word about it to them!!!
   A couple of days after Cyndi got home, she was taking the funeral program out of her pocket and Analyse of course wanted to see it. Cyndi asked her if she knew who that was. Clear as anything, Analyse had answered "Great Grandma Honey". Brian got all teary eyed when Cyndi told him that over the phone. Mom would have been so-o happy to hear that!!!

~ Byron got a job here at the movie theater he used to work at. They were thrilled to have him back! To the point he worked a double shift his first day back.
   Here is a picture I took of Elliot on his three month birthday. Such an adorable little guy!!!
   Yes, he is a bit chunckie. All of my guys would get that way, then suddenly (like over night) shoot up taller. Highly likely he'll do the same!

~ Benson is still working at the retail store in the mall. And meeting his sales quota (actually OVER) every single day! He actually put to use all of the sales tips we taught him. :-D

~ Brandon went out and got himself a new job. Yes, he is still working part time at Taco Bell. But he is now also working full time at a car dealership doing oil changes. And yes, he can get pay raises there, by doing things he is totally capable of doing! ;-)

~ Kayla too has a new job. She pulls orders to be shipped to customers, at a company that's only about four miles from Brent's work, and they work very similar hours. :->

~ All in all, my Vertigo symptoms are decreasing :-D!! More prof that grandchildren are very therapeutical!

~ Today would have been my in-law's 55th wedding anniversary. They had had their picture taken recently to put the announcement in the paper. Mom had already been diagnosed when the picture was taken. You can see the sadness in Dad's eyes. But when you look in her's, you see calmness. She told everybody that she had peace about the whole thing. And she did. She is now in heaven with our Lord. We know that. We are thrilled knowing that we WILL see her again there. But she is missed here. Greatly so!
If you aren't as positive about where you will go, PLEASE scroll down our sidebar and read the "What we believe" section!!!
    (I don't have a copy of the picture yet, so I can't post it. Just wanted to tell you about it.)

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