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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

my week this week -

     I am having a very busy week this week being grandma. :->  Let me expound on that "very busy" part.
     First off, her adorable impishness called Analyse (pronounced Auna-lease), is two.

   And 'the little guy', (Elliott) is three months old today.

   Example #1 - he was fully asleep in the living room when I went in six minutes ago to take that picture (IGNORE the date on the picture!). That is, until I started to focus the camera. Then those gorgeous blue eyes popped open and his expression asked, "What ya doin grandma?"  He then let me know it was time for another bottle. So I am attempting to both blog and feed him at the same time.

   Example #2 - Byron and both kids were still sound asleep yesterday when I got up. I smiled at the calmness. After using the bathroom, I went to get my hairbrush out of my purse. Mr Elliott woke up. I decided to let Byron sleep for awhile and picked Elliott up. Two things showed me he really had slept all night. One was the way the bottle was laying next to him in his seat/bed. The formula left in it was caked. The second was how soaked he was.
    I was in the midst of changing him when I heard Ms. Analyse wake up.  We (Elliott and I) got her up. I then took both of them into the kitchen, layed Analyse's blanket out on the counter, laid Elliott on top of it, then while talking to Analyse, I started scrubbing out his bottle. A couple of minutes later, I could not discipher what she was saying, so I turned my head to look at her.  She had removed all of the burner knobs off of the stove, but could not get the oven knob off. 8-/.
    After laying all of the knobs up out of reach, I went back to working on the bottle while still talking to her. Suddenly I realized that Elliott was moving, towards the edge of the counter. By standing on tip toe, she had been able to get a hold of the edge of the blanket and was pulling on it.  Goodness!
    I finally got the bottle both cleaned and filled, grabbed a banana for her and we went into the living room. It took a bit to convince her to let daddy stay asleep. She ate half of her banana, then decided the rest was yucky. While I couldn't find anything 'yuckkie' about it, she was insistent. (Something she is very good at being!)  She then got out the Sesame Street Character and number memory cards grandpa had given her the night before.  
    Those lasted for about ten minutes. By then Elliott was done with his bottle, and this grandma knew she had better get something in herself. In the time that it took me to toast a bagel and fill a glass with juice, she discovered that she could fit her little hand in through the handle of a box, which was sitting on a bench in the kitchen waiting to be put away in the basement, and pull out hand fulls of tissue paper. The thing is, the tissue paper is suppose to be wrapped around the glass candle holder thingies we used at the wedding receptions.
    Through the back window I spotted that Amy's van was home. I threw diapers and extra out fits for both kids, as well as the bagel in the diaper bag, fixed Analyse a cup of juice, and a visiting we went!
    Byron was still asleep two hours later when we returned home. ;-) Benson however was up and held Elliott while I used the bathroom and fixed Elliott another bottle. The kids and I then spent another two hours outside. Analyse playing first in the self propelled car Amy loaned to us (propelled by Analyse's feet), then she climbed into the back seat of their double stroller and after strapping herself in, played ever so contently there with her dolly which Benson had brought out.  
    I talked to Analyse while feeding Elliot his bottle and then holding and playing with him.
Two things about that. First, Ms. Analyse likes to talk!!! Oh my goodness does she. Her father and I aren't sure where she gets that trait from. (o;-p!!)  If she thinks it, it's highly likely that she also voices it. Repeatedly. Till you either repeat it back or acknowledge it in some way that meets her satisfaction.
    Secondly, Mr. Elliot seldom stops moving. All of him. I am slowly catching on to which movement and noise combinations means he needs to burp again, and which means he's tired of sitting and wants to stand, and which means it's time to feed him again.
    But the combination of suddenly keeping up with both a two year old and a three month old is sitting Ms. Vertigo here to being tired as well as quivering on the inside!
     Yes, Byron does a lot with his kids too! Don't take me wrong about that. It's just that my momness wants him to get to relax some, and I LOVE being a grandma!!! So, naps are back big time in my daily schedule. For me, as well as his kids!!! ;-p   
    Well, it is now thirty five minutes after I stated that "six minutes ago" part. ;-b! He is asleep on the floor on the blanket I use over my legs when they are cold, and Analyse is playing in the basement with her daddy. Best stop typing and actually post this before the next change happens. ;-p     

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  1. Sounds like so much fun, the way I see when you have them with you, you should get to spoil and spent as much time on and with them...


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