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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Hello again, hello ;->

     Well, I did get rested up enough on Monday, to go help clean up the lodge from having hosted the open house style reception for Brent and Kayla there the day before. There were multiple steps to that process. Go through all of the totes and box's borrowed from my sister-in-law Karen and get the stuff which was actually ours out, and put all of her stuff in the tote labeled for it to be in. Go through the box Julie had given us and make sure none of Karen's stuff was in it. Look over everything else and make sure none of it was Karen's. Then Brian took that load to their house. v/ that 'detail' off the list.
      Then it was on to organizing and packing up all of our stuff. When we do an event, we try and take everything we might need to use with us. Yes, there are bowls, and cooking utensils etc. at the lodge. As well as in the church's kitchen. As well as other places we've done things at. But it never fails that you get there and the things which were there last time, have some how vaporized. One time there wasn't a single can opener to be found. A very frustrating discovery! So, if we know we're gonna want to use something, we take it with us. This time, we had all of the 'stuff' both from the men's breakfast on Sat. morning and from Brent and Kayla's reception on Sunday. A mess. And a lot of stuff to haul. But the process is so-o worth it in the long run!
     We got everything packed up, the lodge cleaned, everything unloaded once we got home, and the refrigerated stuff put away, then I again crashed. Big time!
     On Wed. I got my act together long enough, to catch up the check books, balance them, and take care of all of the various receipts. A process that my 'vertigo' eyes still get mighty tired doing! I rewarded myself with two of the small brownie cups left over from the reception and a large glass of milk. ;->
     Thursday, Amy M. drove me to the used uniform sale. They again did not have aprons. :-[. I have a craft project that I am hoping to make out of them...  But I was able to get Benson a large long lab coat, towards his Halloween costume this year. $2.00! ;-> We also stopped at a couple of mission/thrift shops and I got a couple of winter clothing pieces for both of my grand children.
    Yesterday, I tackled the bills, and the pile on this desk. Made an amazing discovery. The top of the desk is wood like the rest of the desk is. Would have sworn it was paper! ;-p  Got everything sorted through, recorded if necessary, filed away or discarded, depending on what it was, etc..  I rewarded my feelings of great accomplishment, with more brownie cups and milk. o;->
     Today, I shall tackle all of the stuff we had hauled home Monday night. Yes, it is still piled in both the front entry and the kitchen. Yes, we have been maneuvering around it all week. Why then haven't I just taken care of it? Because that involves a whole ton of twisting and turning and movements that I just wasn't that up to doing. But I'm up to it now. Though it shall be interesting, seeings how I'm watching Boo and Daisy today, while Brent and Kayla help her parents move. The craziness of our lives continues.

     Today is the first day of October. October 2011. The month which this year, has both five Saturdays and five Sunday's. A rarity! I hope that you find ways to enjoy each and every single one!
      The temps here in Michigan are currently down in the 50's. Fall is indeed here. A season which hosts beautiful colors here in MI!! I changed the "Seasonal Smile" pictures on our blog, to fall pictures which our son Benson took a couple of years ago. Go check them out.   The Bz House That Love Built

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