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Monday, October 17, 2011

Grandma tales :->

     Byron and his kids were here last week. I got in lots of wonderful grandma time!! Some of it a bit crazy, after all, a two year old and a three month old were involved, but so many precious as well as comical memories were made during the time. Here are a couple about Analyse (pronounced Auna-lease).

    Part of their nightly routine with her, is that right before bedtime, she gets to watch one episode of Elmo(R). The thing is, that when she's here, ever single night she wants to watch the "Robot" one. Yes, I sing the songs along with her. Heck, the songs pop themselves up and start playing in our heads  all  the  time! We've encouraged "watch a different one", but she is ever so "persistent!" (a word that is talked about in the DVD).
    Near the end of the DVD Friday night, Analyse was wandering around near me, drinking her requested glass of milk. The part came on where Elmo(R) and the robot are talking about being each others friends. Suddenly Analyse switches her glass of milk to just one hand, while walking up beside me, puts the now free hand around my back (I was sitting in the rocking chair), leans her head against my arm and says "friend". After taking another swig of milk she said "Love you ga_ma".
    As I was sitting there, totally blown away and thrilled to pieces, she step by step repeated the whole thing - TWO MORE TIMES!!! 
   Then the credits started rolling and she acknowledged that it was bed time.
    Oh the things that little sweetheart does to this grandma's heart!!!

    Due to both her and her brother waking up several times during the night, and her daddy have gone to spend some time with a couple of his brothers at "Uncle Brent's house", this grandma was extremely tired! So at 7 a.m. when I heard her talking while still trying to get Elliot back to sleep, I figured the night was over. :-[. But then all went quiet and I hoped she had gone back to sleep, what with having woken up and being up for a bit of time during the night.
    I was just starting to drift off again, when I heard her calling me. Sigh. I'll go back to bed when the guys get home at noon.
    As I opened the door to the room she was in, I couldn't help but chuckle. She was excitedly holding out the band-aid off of her heel for me to take. The thing is, I had put her to bed with a full body zip up sleeper on over the top of her shirt and pants pajamas, with her socks still on as well. The nights have dropped down into the 50's around here and we have not yet fired up the expensive monster in our basement. I was trying to insure she stayed warm. (Her getting up during the night, had had to do with a wet diaper and sudden appearance of female diaper rash).
    She had stayed warm, but then upon waking, she had taken the full body sleeper off of herself, also removed both socks, taken off the band-aids, and managed to get one sock back on. I was chuckling, because my mind was suddenly remembering that 'silence is usually NOT a good sign coming from young children'. Aw yes, grandma remembers now... all to well.... ;-p

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