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Friday, October 14, 2011

Another twist in our life -

      Less than a month ago, my Mother-in-law (Brian's mom) was diagnosed with progressive cancer. They found it around the outside of her lungs. She was told that with treatment, she had 4 to 6 years. Without treatment, she had 3 to 6 months. She has had two weeks of intense treatment. When my Father-in-law went to give her her medicine early this morning, she was in-coherent and babbling. He called both an ambulance and Brian's brother (who only lives a couple of miles from them). They took her to the hospital. They called here. "It all happened so quick". They called back to say that she had died. She is now in heaven. We went down and got to say goodbye to her earthly body. Brian is staying with his dad. Tomorrow the two of them and the brother have an appointment to plan the funeral. Brian's parents have always been highly involved in our and our kids lives. 
    I really don't know what else to say right now.


  1. these came to Cheryl via email -
    from Elizabeth B. - "Oh, Cheryl, my heart goes out to you. I'll be praying and praying and praying."

    from Rick and Karen - "Our prayers are with you."

    from Amy H. - "My prayers are with you all. Thanks for letting me know.

    from 'Lipstick' Jen - "Oh my word Cheryl, that happened soooo very quickly. I am so sorry for your families loss. Prayers"

    from Sheila Ely. - "We are sorry for your loss but thankful for the comfort that Brian's mother is in heaven and that he will see her again."

    from "Mom's the Word' Nan, - "I am so sorry to hear about your mother-in-law. That was extremely fast and is a shock, I imagine. No matter how you think you're prepared it's never enough. I will be praying for you all."

    From Jill Roed. - "I'm so sorry Cheryl and Brian. You all will be in our prayers."

    From "Aunt" Billie - "Praying for you all. I praise the Lord that she is with HIM but I also know that you will "sorrow' but "not as those who have no hope". "

    from Becky V.W. - "I am so so sorry. What happen? You are all in our prayers."

    from My Uncle Jim and Aunt Susie - "Cheryl, You and your family have our deepest sympathy in the loss of Brian's Mother.
    God be with you and yours..Love Jim and Susie"

    From Jamie Sain. - "Just wanted to let you know that I am praying for you and your family as well in this difficult time.. Love you guys!"

    "You are in our thoughts and prayers.
    Don and Pam"

    from "Mom's the Word' Nan, "So glad you can have a get together after the service. We had a fellowship with food after my dad's service. I was glad when everyone left and it was just me and my brothers and sisters (and their families, of course). We all sat around and talked about my dad and laughed and it was just so nice to share stories. Still praying for you all!"

  2. left on Cheryl's Facebook page -
    from Hanna (Kayla's sister) - "I know she was a wonderuful grandmother, I've heard nothing but good memories from both Brent&Brandon. Is the funeral going to be in Plainwell then?"

    from Amie Mor. - "Praying for your family!! Love you all!!"

    from my cousin Paula - "So sorry for you family's loss. Will keep you all in my prayers."

    from Nan - "I'll be praying for you all and the grandkids. Planning a funeral is a surreal experience because you just can't believe you are there doing that. Praying that you and hubby are able to quiet your minds and get some sleep tonight."

    from Jessica Brink. - "you and the whole family are in my thoughts mom. . . i love you"

    from Jen ('Lipstick') - "So heartbreaking... Prayers to you and yours..."

    from Bobbi Sch. - "In our prayers!"

    from Ranita (Simon's mom) - "Yes, we were sorry to hear this."

    from Sharon O. - "Sad stuff what cancer does.....praying for all of you. ((((HUGS))))"

    from our neighbor Chris - "My heart sank when Amy told me, and when she told me the details it sank even more. I've been thinking of all of you all day."

    from Karen G__ski - "Thoughts and prayers for you and your extended family"

    From Hanna (Kayla's sister) - "Please tell Mr. B I am very sorry for his loss, for all of tyou guys actually. Breaks my heart, I only met her once but she was a beautiful woman inside & out. You guys are in my thoughts. I love all of you."

    from Terri G ("sis") - "we are praying for all of you on so many levels."

    from Amie Mor. - "Ditto!!!"

    from Rebekah Bol (College) - "So sorry for your loss ~ sending hugs and prayers your way ♥"

    from Darla F. - "Sorry to hear about your loss. You are in our hearts and prayers. Hugs."

    from Elizabeth P. (our neighbor) - "Thoughts & prayers are with you guys! Hugs too!"

    from Nicole Pisk. - "we are sorry to hear the news. Thinking and praying for you."

    I had added - "The funeral is scheduled for Wed. Her grandchildren are to be the pallbearers."

  3. from Brian's facebook page -
    from Julie Emm. - "praying for you"

    from his "sister" Terri - "Praying for you, Bro....... and all of your family.
    Don't even know what to say......
    "the groanings of our heart"...."

    from my Aunt Darlene - "( HUGS) Praying for your family. "

    from "our" Kate - "Praying and sending love from the east side ♥"

    from Tim Berg. - "Brian, I'm so sorry to hear about your mom. We are praying for you. Much love to ya bro!!!"

    from our neighbor Eliz. P. - "So sorry to hear about your Mom's passing. Thoughts & prayers are with you during this difficult time."

    from Terri Stee. (From home town) - "Sorry to hear of your Mom. Gods blessing and prayer to you during this time."

    from Lynne Well. Kels. (from home town) - "I'm sorry to hear of your Mother's passing. Sending thoughts and prayers to you and your family."


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