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Thursday, September 1, 2011

What I'm doing ...

    Just thought I should let you know that yes, I DO still plan on posting about the rest of last weekend. In great detail. o;-p
    But,  we finally nailed down a date for when we are hosting the open house style wedding reception for some of our family and friends. So yesterday I designed the invites for that, but couldn't get the things to actually print. Last evening Brian and I traced that problem down. So today I am printing those off, folding them, addressing envelopes, sticking the invites into said envelopes.... and hopefully going to the post office so I can mail them all out.
     I have also started working on another computer involved project. One which involves a ton of going back and forth, copying this bit here, pasting it it there...  It's something I got inspired to do via somebody else's blog, asked my friend if she would like for me to do it for them, had to get the computer program to use to do so (it was one we wanted to pick up anyways), but then all of it got put on hold while I was restyling a wedding dress, doing wedding flowers, making wedding cakes, etc..  I'll explain all of this in much more detail, once I get the project done and it's been gifted to it's owners.
     So that's what I was/am up to yesterday and today. Then this weekend, what with it being a long weekend due to being a holiday weekend, weather permitting, we hope to re-do the back porch. The boards have been waiting for awhile in the basement. We NEED to get it done before cold fall rains turn into that white accumulating stuff. And we're also hoping to get peoples bedrooms changed around, now that Brent's moved out. That means that I will now have a craft/sewing room / guest room :-D I still question though, whether our smallest room is really adequate for such a place. o;-p
     Well, I best get to those invites.  Hopefully I'll get them done and still have enough eye focus to be able to get back on here and write up the next segment from last weekend, and then post it tomorrow.
     So, that's what I'm up to. What are you up to?

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