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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Wedding Weekend - Saturday - Part 4 - the decorated church

     First off, as I'm pretty sure I must have mentioned (o;-p), our 'out-of-town-kids' came to town for the whole weekend of the wedding. :-D I L-O-V-E having all of our kids together! Yes, it gets a bit crazy at times, but I still cherish it! And as I also might have mentioned (a hundred times? o:-p) I L O V E LOVE, being a grandma! Oh yeah! So, with out further ado, I would like to show you a picture of our 2 year old grand daughter Analyse (pronounced Auna-lease), "helping" at the church on Friday night when we went to set things up and decorate.

    In THIS posting, I had commented about how, "God provided something wonderful to use - maybe on the table the unity candle will be sitting on. Definitely on the food table for the reception we will be hosting in a few weeks. Picked them up at a Goodwill store..."
    What I was ever so thrilled (!!!) to find and nabbed, was two sets of curtains. The black and white one laying across the middle of the longer table in the picture below, is one of a set of insulated, regular curtain rod styled, drapes. The pattern on it, totally matches the pattern that Kayla had used around the boarder of her wedding invites. The solid black one across the table in front, which holds the unity candle, is one of two tab topped type of curtains. I had gotten the black and white ones for $4.00 each and the plain black ones were $4.00 for the pair. Total, they were cheaper than the cheap single solid table cloth I had found at a 'regular' store.  I love it when God supplies my 'wants' too!!! ;->

    You can see a storage tub in the right hand corner of the above picture. My sister-in-law Karen as well as my friend Julie E. had loaned and/or given us stuff to decorate with. THANKS girls!!!

    Some of you have commented about how I never include pictures of myself in postings. A lot of it has to do with how I do not like the size I have become and how it shows up in pictures. The picture below is not the most flattering one of the ones that Benson took of us mom's lighting our candles, but it is the one which shows off some of the other decorations the best, so I'm using it. (I'm the one in the black dress. you can also see that I had forgotten to take my pearl earrings out of my pants pocket and put them in my ears. "details" 8-/)

    [Reminder, you can click on the individual pictures to see them larger, then use the 'go back button' in the upper left hand corner of your screen to come straight back to this page.]
     Brent and Kayla had purchased three crystal candle holders. One pedestal type for their unity candle, two candle sticks for the mother's candles. When they unwrapped them at the church that Friday evening, the pedestal one was broken. :-[!!! So I did what I seem to do best (or at the least, most often), I winged it. In one of the church kitchen cupboards, I found a smaller size flower vase with  broad base, which I turned upside down and sat the unity candle on. "Love it when a plan comes together" ;-p
    See the flower arrangement up on the left hand side? Their was one on each back corner of the stage. We took two wooden stools, draped white table cloths around them, put a single red linen napkin on top of that (that part was Kayla's idea ;->), and a vase of flowers sitting on the top of those.
    As you can see by the picture, the 'vases' were actually clear glass water pitchers out of the church's kitchen. In the picture, you can see the handles. From the audience seats, you couldn't! ;->
    The pitcher on one side held a bouquet of a dozen white silk roses with three red roses added in, and the other stool held the exact opposite.

     Here is a picture of the two flower girls starting up the aisle. this picture also shows how we decorated the middle aisle.

    The picture below includes the other two little side 'tables' which contained decorations on the platform. What they actually are, are two little carpeted steps which sometimes gt used with the stage, stood on their sides, wrapped with white table cloths, topped with a red linen napkin and topped with a glass hurricane globe, a candle and roses laying on either side. Simple. Yet effective.

     And this picture shows you both the flower ball that Kayla's sister carried {I had mentioned it in the posting about the wedding flowers), as well as the lights the guys hung around the outside of the auditorium.

     It also gives you (another) sneak peek into the postings I am going to do about the wedding dress and the one about the beautiful bride. ;->

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  1. TY for popping by for a visit, Cheryl. The wedding is just lovely, the details are so nice ... & look at that handsome couple. Congrts!

    Have a lovely week ~
    TTFN ~

  2. Finally!!!!! However, I pictured you with short hair and now I'm all confused, lol!

    I actually like lime green and orange together! But I don't wear either much as they aren't really my colors.

    The 2nd outfit (red hoodie) is actually red with white polka dots. You just can't see them very well.

    Yes, I want real tickets girl! And sorry, hon, but the fake boxtop ain't gonna cut it. I want real numbers, for realzzzzz.

    I've never had vertigo but have had two friends who suffered greatly with it for awhile. Whatever meds they gave them did the trick and they're fine now though. So sorry you still suffer from it!

    o.k., so maybe I'll speak Pirate instead. Rrrrrrrrrr!


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