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Friday, September 9, 2011

Wedding Weekend - Saturday - Part 3 - the flowers

    Back HERE, I had talked about changes that were being made concerning Brent and Kayla's wedding. I had also mentioned "I need to start making the corsages and boutonnieres." Then in THIS posting, I had stated how they were all now "DONE!" and talked about having burnt my finger. I think the healing process has now got it down, to only the two inner most blisters being left. 8-/  Hopefully, they too will be gone soon! Gracious!
    I had ended the part about the flowers in that second posting, with this statement, " Yes, of course I 'plan' on doing a posting showing you the flower things I did up. ;->" This then is that promised posting. :->

     First up - the brides bouquet. Kayla LOVES pearls! So I incorporated them into her bouquet as well. Along the leaves at the bottom of the bouquet. And then spiraled down around the stems, over the red ribbon.
     Here's a close up of the bouquet -

     And here it is while Kayla was holding it standing in front of the preacher -
     (You can also see Brent's boutonniere in this shot)
   After the ceremony, I heard her explaining to my step mom, that her bouquet had been custom designed and made by Cheryl. Heart warming moment that! ;-)

    Here's a close up of Brent's boutonniere -

    Here's Kayla's mom's wrist corsage -

    Kayla's dad's boutonniere -

    My wrist corsage and Brian's boutonniere -

    The one's for Brian's parents -

    The one's for My dad and Joan -

    The one for Kayla's grandma - Actually, I can't seem to find one of that in our pictures. But I HAD made her one! Hummm

    Adam's (the best man's) boutonniere was very similar to Kayla's dad's, here's a picture with it pinned on Adam, while he's starting down the aisle with Kayla's sister (Hanna). Hanna was carrying a floral ball Kayla had purchased. Didn't intentionally crop it from the picture - it just wasn't in there.

       This concludes this edition about Brent and Kayla's wedding. Editions yet to come are:  the decorated church, the altered wedding dress, the beautiful bride, etc..

 All pictures herein were taken by our son Benson ;-)
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  1. Did I mention how amazing you are? These are gorgeous! If I ever need to make flowers for my son's wedding I am soooo flying you out! Thanks for linking up, my friend!

  2. Beautiful bouquet!
    I love the addition of the pearls. :)
    Carletta's Captures


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