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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Wedding Weekend - Saturday - part 2 - The Tux's

    Back on August 4th, I had told you about the awesome deal God had lead us to for the tux's. In THIS posting, I had mentioned how 'so far' only one pair of pants needed hemmed. That particular pair had been Brian's. They needed shortened. No biggie, I could always just tack them up at the seams if the time crunch got that bad. But then Brent had tried his on. Wouldn't you know it - the groom's of all people's, were too short. 8-/ I mean up just above his ankles too short. Yup, we got nervous there for a couple of minutes. I commented on how I could easily turn them into capries.... he didn't seem very amused, so I should have stopped, but couldn't. I then offered to make them into nickers. (chuckle, chuckle). Good thing I was watching his reaction, other wise I might not have been able to dodge that look he sent my direction. o;-p
   Thankfully, once we let the existing hem down, the problem was fixable, but what a time I had, trying to iron the old hem lines crease out of that material!!! It badly wanted to stay put, but I was informing it it needed to leave! ! ! Once we got to the point of a compromise that I hoped wouldn't show too much, I stopped ironing and started pinning it up to sew. That was Saturday morning. After I had finished the cakes. And taken a shower and put curlers in my hair.
    I got one leg of one of the pairs of pants hemmed and it was time to head to the church. Okey-dokie. Sigh.
    Once we got to the church, while others were doing other things, I finished the pants. :-D

    Here's a picture of our four sons in their tux's. They make my heart smile! ;->
    Can you tell that their dad (my husband) was the one taking the picture and that he had said something to make them laugh before snapping the shot?

     Here's Brent with his best friend / best man (Adam) -
      look at their eyes, they were up to something! A-typical for those two! ;-p

    And here's the groom (Brent) with his dad (Brian - my husband) -
      PLEASE do NOT ask what they were doing to one another behind their backs! Crazy guys! ;-p

   Reminder - you can click on each of the pictures to see them larger / clearer, then click on the arrow up in the left corner of your screen, to come back to the posting.

    This concludes this edition of my bragging sessions about Brent and Kayla's wedding. Editions yet to come are: the wedding flowers, the decorated church, the altered wedding dress, the beautiful bride, etc..
    Hope you don't mind. Actually, if you do, please stay away for about a week, while I get all of this out of my system. ;-p


  1. What a beautiful family you have!

  2. Great pics, Cheryl! They look fabulous....I didn't see one of you though!

  3. had come from Cheryl's dad on - Thursday, September 8, 2011 9:07 PM
    "These guys are something to be proud of!!!!!!!!!!!!"


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