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Friday, September 16, 2011

A Cottage ;-)

   For a 'few' (o;-p) years now, "my" Kate and I have been adding various cottages to our imaginary portfolio. Oh the wondrous times we have had together at these places! The warm laughter we have shared, while sitting out on our decks over lunch, drinking our Pepsi's and eating something 'good for us', so that there would be less guilt when we sat in front of the fire place that evening, reading our books and devouring wonderful chocolate recipes we had had such fun experimenting with and making, in our cute kitchens earlier in the evening.
    Well, "my" dear Kate, this morning I added yet another one to our portfolio. In this one, there is only one thing in the pictures which I knew instantly I did not like and thus would want to change. It is the chandelier hanging in the room with a fireplace with a couch and chairs in front of it.
    We have always said that we will host "girl nights", "chick flick nights", "afternoon teas" etc, to which all of our girl friends will of course be invited. We shall do the same at this place too! As you will see, the place does have five bedrooms, and more than one bathroom. What fun we look forward to having while you, our girlfriends, are there visiting with us! I think it might be wise though, to again voice a word of caution concerning such gatherings. Please learn from dear sweet Anne and Diane's example and go easy when you partake of our blackberry wine.  (o;-p)

     Here is the link so that you too may view our most recently 'acquired' cottage. Didn't Kristie Alley do a great job in preparing it for us?

    [ I found our new cottage via this posting.]


  1. came via email - "Cheryl,

    Thanks for the invitation! I gladly accept! Just let me know when the party starts! :) Wow ~ BEAUTIFUL!!!

    In the meantime, have a wonderful, blessing-filled weekend!
    Rebekah Bol.(GRSBM)"

  2. "my" Kate replied via email - "You're right, that chandelier is....weird. Which is saying something considering they have one that's apparently covered in ivy?!?! :)

    Lovely! Wish I were there now... :)"


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