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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

another really funny "timing" tale ;-p

   Numerous times I have shared tales with you, about God displaying his sense of humor via timing in our life's. Well, I have another such tale to share. And it's a good one. But this time, it wasn't us it happened to. It was Brian's parents. Oh, and for the record, NO, these are not "Tall Tales"! Gee-sh! o;-p

     Brian's parents were here for a bit this past Saturday, and his Dad told us about a funny incident that had happened to them not too long ago. They had stopped at a store or shop in a different town. By the time they got back in their car to leave, it was really raining. Dad had checked all of his mirrors and then slowly started backing up. (Trust me when I say, that I can absolutely guarantee he had hardly touched the gas to do so! ;-b)  According to him, they had only backed up about an inch, when all of a sudden, out of nowhere, there was this HUGE, LOUD, BLARING, horn sound. (He made the type of noise for us. Brian's mom said "Yup, just like that!" Then went back to chuckling. I knew this was going to be a wonderful story!)
     Dad said he had SLAMMED on the brakes (Mom very quickly rocked forward in our rocking chair, while kind of snapping her head forward and then back again, as though to demonstrate. This is not A-typical story accompanying by Brian's mom, so I was even more convinced this was quite the story.). He double checked all the mirrors, asked mom if she spotted anything, then started backing up again. Instantly(!), there was the same type of a horn blast. Dad said that he again slammed on the brakes, so hard in-fact, he was now worried about the condition of the floor boards. ;-p
    With his hand against his chest, he demonstrated how hard his heart had been pounding at the time. He told how his mind kept reminding him that there hadn't been any trucks of any kind in the parking lot, or on the street, when they'd gotten in their car. "For the life of me, I could not figure out what was going on!!!"
     Then suddenly, as they were sitting there in their barely backed up car, they hear the sound a third time. But this time, it was immediately followed by the sound of a train's whistle.
    The edge of the stores parking lot was just shy of the edge of a cliff. At the bottom of the cliff, were the train tracks. Once they heard the trains whistle, they remembered having seen it (the tracks) earlier.
    Mom said she had laughed the whole way home. Dad said that it took his heart till they were half way home (a 45 minute drive) to even start slowing down. Figured at the rate it had been going, he'd gotten his exercise for a month! ;-p

    Like I've shared before, I love witnessing God's amazing sense of timing and displays of irony and humor in our lives. HE cracks me up!!!

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  1. had come from Cheryl's dad via email - "I ENJOYED THIS!!!"


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