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Monday, August 1, 2011

What we've got going on -

    I knew that we were into the heart of summer when I woke up this morning, because I was already sweating. Not a fan. Of sweating that is. I don't mind the heat as much as I do not like the humidity. In-fact, I feel the same way about humidity, as I do about the cold north wind that sometimes whips around here in Jan. and Feb.. I don't mind Michigan winters as much when that wind isn't blowing. But the Lord says to 'be thankful for and in everything.'  Challenging, eh?  

    There is much going on around here / in our lives.
     ~ As I'm pretty sure I mentioned (o;-p) we are now the thrilled grand parents of two. We have been blessed with both a grand daughter and a grandson. Awesomeness! 
     ~ I know that I've mentioned that Brent and Kayla are getting married. What I haven't yet mentioned, is all of the changes going on with the original wedding plans. The date has been moved quite a ways forward. The sooner they get Kayla on Brent's health insurance, the sooner she can go to a OB Gyn doctor, who in turn might even send her to a specialist, who hopefully will start getting/giving some answers as to why her body is doing what it is, and hopefully be able to relieve some of the issues.
     Not only has the date been moved forward, but the guest list to the ceremony and dinner out afterwords, has been shrunk, considerably!!
     Right now, it looks like both families will be hosting their own 'open house' style reception/parties a couple of weeks after the ceremony. The people (relatives / friends) whom had been on the original guests lists, will be invited to one of those, depending on which side had added you to the list. As well as others, should we so decide.
     We now are working quickly to get "new" suits for the guys. And white dress shirts. And I need to start making the corsages and boutonnieres. And deciding when we will host our open house. And what to serve. A-n-d ...
    ~ Due to the date change, they had to find a place to live. They did. So we have some one in the process of moving out. And others changing which room they are in. A-n-d ...
   ~ Benson DID get a job. :->  As a sales clerk. And so far, both of the days that he has 'worked the floor', he has surpassed the sales quotas they gave him for the days. :-D
   ~ My vertigo symptoms are continuing to subside. That is, until somebody zooms past us so close to my side of the car, that Brian was shocked they didn't take the side mirror off. And then they zoomed across in front of us, nearly missing taking our front end with them, to cross three lanes of busy traffic to get to the off ramp a half mile up the road...... For some peculiar reason, things like that affect my vertigo.

    Seeings how it is now August, I changed the "Seasonal Smile" pictures down our side bar. I hope they make you smile!
        The Bz House That Love Built

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  1. WoW lots of busy changes... All sound FUN though... (except the heat)


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