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Thursday, August 4, 2011

What a deal(s)!!!

    It was after dusk last night, as hand in hand Brian and I started walking towards the parking lot. With a big sigh, I smiled and said, "It's such a beautiful night tonight!"
    With a big chuckle, while looking up at the dark clouds gathering in the sky, Brian replied, "Not really"
    Taking an audible deep breath, I continued, "I was talking about how there isn't any humidity, but there are wonderful breezes."
    With a squeeze to my hand and a big smile on his face, Brian replied, " It is a great night!"

   We had just finished having dinner with all of our in town kids. That hadn't been in the original plans for the evening. But then God yet again provided, in awesome ways.

    The original 'plan' was that I was to accompany Brent and his friend Adam to look for suits for the wedding. When they arrived, Kayla had decided to come along too. As had Adam's girlfriend, with her young son in tow. Brian wasn't home from work yet with the van, so both Brent and Adam had to drive.
    We headed out to 28th street where besides two malls, Brian and I had also scouted out three places in the same vicinity, that we could look for men's suits at. As we were tuning a corner to go to our first stop, we noticed that the tux rental shop on the corner, had a big tent set up in their parking lot, and that employees were out along the road, holding signs with unbelievable prices on them. "You can rent them for that?!?!?"
    We went ahead and went to the first shop. While the guys did find suits that both looked sharp on them and fit them, the price of the suits themselves were advertised so low, due to how they hoped to make up on them via the prices of their vests, and ties, and shirts. Hummm...
    Ever curious Brent, really wanted to see what the sale prices at that tent sale were all about, so they put the suits back on the racks and we left.
    We parked at the edge of the Malls parking lot and walked over to the Dunhill Formal Wear store. What we found, was wonderful! Tux coats were on clearance sale - some as low as $9.00, up to the highest being $49.00. And they had really sharp ones too!!! And matching pants were also low priced. As were vests. And white shirts. And bow or full size ties. And 'shiny' shoes.
    We called Brian, and asked him to bring Benson with him and come out. We called Brandon and asked him to come out. Kayla called her dad and got sizes. Then she texted Byron to verify sizes for him.
     The girl helping us was WONDERFUL!!! Turned out, one of her brothers had graduated from middle school with one of our sons.
    Our total came to $368.88.  That included:
    For Brent (the groom) - a tux coat, matching pants, vest, tie, and shoes.
    For Adam - pants (he had cash on hand for the rest of his ;-p)
    For Kayla's Dad - Tux coat, pants and tie. (He will be paying us back)
    For Brian (father of the groom-to-be) - tux coat, pants, white shirt, and tie.
    For Byron - tux coat, pants and a shirt.
    For Benson - tux coat, pants, shirt, and shiny shoes.
    For Brandon - tux coat, pants, shirt and shiny shoes.
    ALL  OF  THAT - for $70.00 more than it was originally going to cost EACH guy to rent their tux's!!
    Yet again, the Lord had gone before us and provided the desires of our hearts. THANK-YOU Lord!!! 

    I can't show you what the tux's look like yet... not till the wedding. So I'll just show you the group of them, hanging in Brent's old closet, where they were carried to from the cars last night. o;-p

   Today's 'plan' has to do with a dress for Kayla. ... Curious to see what the story is when the day is done. ;->

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  1. What an amazing deal! He is so faithful!

  2. that is soo awesome. I love how God provides. Thanks for reminding of that!


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